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South Side Wellness Studio offers electrolysis hair removal treatments for people wanting permanent hair removal or smoother skin. Book a free hair removal consultation to rid unwanted hair. Electrolysis is a proven technique that permanently eliminates unwanted body hair regardless of hair or skin type. For those desiring a hair-free look, our professional hair removal services are safe, hygienic and 100% effective. South Side Wellness Studio services Regina, SK and surrounding areas.

Unlike laser hair reduction, electrolysis is far more versatile as it is able to treat every type of hair and skin type regardless of the color and coarseness and performed by a certified electrologist. Additionally, electrolysis is more cost-effective than other hair removal methods simply because it is a permanent solution and the end result leads to the desired areas being much defined, completely smooth and hair-free. 

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  Mar. 25, 2020

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Most Common Hair Removal Comparisons

Most Common Hair Removal Comparisons And Their Effectiveness.

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