Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND,RAc

Naturopathic Doctor in Unionville, ON

Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On, ND, RAc is a naturopathic doctor that provides fertility and hormone therapy through natural remedies like acupuncture and hypnosis to establish optimal health. Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On’s fertility clinic serves patients in Unionville, Markham, and surrounding areas.

When working on natural stress reduction this also helps with weight loss, digestive health, fertility, and overall women’s health. As a naturopath, Dr. Natalie Cheng-Kai-On also offers services such as detox, Digestive health remedies, IV therapy, Food Sensitivity Test, Weight loss, Natural Hormone Therapy, Acupuncture, Fertility, Women’s health and more.

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