Apollo Cannabis Clinic

Medical Cannabis Clinic's In Ontario

Apollo Cannabis Clinics offer medical marijuana for people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, sleep disorder, PTSD, Nerve Damage, Cancer Care and more. Their Clinic also specialises in pain relief from migraines and Autoimmune Disorder. All of the Apollo Cannabis Clinic team members are comprised of top physicians, psychiatrists, specialists and scientists who share the goal of safely and effectively treating a variety of conditions and symptoms with medical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep Disorder, and more.

They promote health and wellness with stress relief and headache relief through medical cannabis in Etobicoke, Aurora, North York and Two locations in Toronto, Ontario. Apollo Cannabis Clinic consults with over a dozen physicians who review new research and help support the clinic in it's an evidence-based approach to managing chronic pain, and other conditions such as PTSD and sleep disorders. Their support team is comprised of passionate professionals who take pride in making a difference in their patient’s lives through medical cannabis support, education, and ongoing treatment. Their phone lines are open 7 days a week and are there to help.

Apollo’s vision is to remain the most trusted cannabis clinic in Canada!

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