Derek Gilmer, Certified Pedorthist

Derek Gilmer is a Certified Pedorthist and the owner of Healthy Steps Pedorthic Clinic. Derek is exclusively trained in the assessment, design, manufacture, fit and modification of custom made orthoses (also called orthotics) and footwear in order to alleviate and manage pain, discomfort and disabilities in the legs and feet.

The perfect fit

My feet hurt, but I still want to wear sandals. What should I look for?

Rheumatoid Arthritis and your feet

What are the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in your feet?

Ankle sprain prevention

How can I manage my chronic ankle instability and help prevent ankle sprains?

A pain in the foot

What causes pain in the ball of my foot?

Morning heel pain

Why is my heel painful when I get up in the morning?

Orthotic adjustments

Is it normal to make adjustments to my foot orthotics?

Cast for custom orthotics

Why do you cast the feet when you make custom foot orthotics?

Achilles tendon pain

Why is the back of my heel and lower leg painful?