Tree Ryde

After 12 years of being in the rat race of the fashion industry Tree Ryde was looking for something to calm her mind body and soul and she found it in yoga finishing her 200H at Kula Yoga in 2007. She was addicted and wanted to deepen her practice of meditation and study the sub-conscious mind. She became a hypnotist in 2014 and works part time at the Burlington Hypnosis centre. Helping clients with anything from weight loss, quit smoking to nail biting. Tree also loves exercise and cook whenever she can, and is always coming across new recipes that are both delicious and nutritious

  Feb. 22, 2019

Did you know that your organs repair at different times?

Did you know that your body organs have its own clock to when they repair and restore each piece in a scheduled manor...

  May 20, 2016

Fabulous BBQ Side Dishes

Delicious and nutritious side dishes for the bbq season.

  Feb. 5, 2016

Need a Hand Health Pro?

Meet Tree Ryde. She’s who I’ve nicknamed the Ambasadoress of Awesomeness for Health Local. Why the title? Because Tre...

  Jan. 1, 2016

Why It’s Important to Fill In the Free Blank?

One tactic to increasing your SEO online is adding your businesses to directories like Yelp, Foursquare and YellowBoo...

  Dec. 16, 2015

Top 5 Frustrations of getting your business online

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season and a happy happy new year! One thing we all look at in the new...

  Dec. 8, 2015

Do You Say Thank You?

It is amazing how just these two small words can make a person feel so good. Someone holds a door open for you or let...

  Dec. 2, 2015

Do You Know How To Say No?

We have all been in the meeting an hour longer than we had to or stuck around in a business relationship way longer t...

  Nov. 25, 2015

What Is Your Word Worth?

There was once a saying: my word is my bond. Both parties shook hands and the deal was done with trust that the contr...

  Nov. 11, 2015

Entrepreneur? Or Employee? That is the question!

Is your focus to be an entrepreneur or an employee?

  Nov. 2, 2015

You never know till you try!

You should discover how Hypnosis can bring a change into your life in both personal and professional.

  Oct. 29, 2015

Stop Procrastinating

When it comes to your business you do not want to wait till your business runs out of clients till you do something a...

  Oct. 20, 2015

6 Reasons Why Health Pros NEED To Be Online!

Having a strong online presence is very key for your business.

  Oct. 19, 2015

Take A Chance And Speak Your Mind

Take a chance and get noticed! You never know what will come your way.

  Oct. 9, 2015

Being Online Really Helps Your Business

The World Wide Web is EVERYWHERE and used by everyone. If you are not on line, you will fall to the wayside. Having w...

  Sep. 11, 2015

Get The Advantage You Deserve

Low-cost marketing solution that will help your business.

  Aug. 27, 2015

Breathing Community In To Business

If you’re a health pro, building this strong community within your practice makes it even more possible for you to en...

  Aug. 20, 2015

Step Into Your Success: Time Lining Technique

Have you ever tried to overcome a certain life pattern only to find it repeating itself over and over? Maybe you alwa...

  Aug. 18, 2015

Self-Guided Imagery: A Powerful Tool

Self-guided imagery is a powerful tool you can use to change your mind set and get through challenges to reach goals....

  Aug. 12, 2015

Making Decisions. Does it have to be that hard? Squash them!

Big changes that you have to make in your life make for big decisions. Some people agonize over it and procrastinate....

  Aug. 7, 2015

Clear You’re Mind Jam with These 5 Lists

Have the bigger picture in your mind of what you want your life to look like and make a list of how you are going to ...

  Jul 24, 2015

Anchoring: A Simple NLP Technique

Have you ever had a day at the office where you just can’t focus? Between negative self-talk, co-workers distractions...

  Jul 22, 2015

5 Ways To Find Your Calm at Work

We all have our bad days at work and sometimes when the going gets tough the tough get stressed out. Here are some id...

  Jun 26, 2015

12 Things All Small Business Owners Should Know

A lot of small business owners are starting their businesses straight out of school. They received their diploma and ...

  Jun 6, 2015

Customer Service Importance

A company that has great customer service will receive a larger percentage of repeat customers. Need I say more? We a...

  Jun 4, 2015

How To Get & Use Client Feedback For Your Business

What kind of feedback are you looking for? The feedback that says “I love going there and you should too”. The articl...

  May 28, 2015

Revisiting Your January Goals

We all have the best of intentions each January to make goals and accomplish great things but goals (resolutions as w...

  May 26, 2015

How To Communicate Class Schedule With Your Students

Here is the million dollar question….where is a fast and easy way for students to go and quickly see where their favo...

  May 24, 2015

Marketing Messages to Promote Your Business

Where do you start? That’s a million dollar question. It’s best to start by identifying your target audience: who are...

  May 22, 2015

Stay Inspired in Your Workplace

No matter where you are in your practice, the key word for inspiration is practice! Why? Because in order to continui...

  May 21, 2015

Engaging in a Meaningful Way Online

How to engage meaningfully online is a problem that I think we all struggle with. I definitely find it challenging. T...

  May 19, 2015

Understanding Social Media Etiquette

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s right and what might be right to put on social media. I’ve been there. You’ve had ...

  May 17, 2015

Is Facebook The Right Platform For Your Business?

Have you ever thought about how many people are on Facebook? Not just friends, family and neighbors but around the wo...

  May 16, 2015

Blogs: How To Use Them & How They Can Help You

Wow have times changed! We are no longer in the age of picking up the phone receiver that is attached to the long win...

  May 15, 2015

How To Use LinkedIn To Build Your Business

With a reputation for helping you make connections for business development, LinkedIn is the go-to social media platf...

  May 14, 2015

Importance of Digital Footprint Upkeep

A digital footprint is everything that shows up when people search for you or your business online. Have you ever sea...

  May 13, 2015

Updating Your Page

Well spring is still springing in to action so I thought this week, we’d talk about your profile. Don’...

  May 8, 2015

Why Is Professional Development So Important

As a business owner you want to be able to be the best version of yourself all of the time and you cannot do this by ...

  May 8, 2015

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

Can you instantly recall the best experience you ever had at a health clinic or office? Is it as easy as recalling th...

  May 5, 2015

What You Should Know About Pinterest As a Business Owner

What is Pinterest? It is a visual bookmarking website with a nice twist. You use photos to engage and describe your c...

  May 5, 2015

The Marketing Mantra- I Will Promote Myself

Marketing is hard. And expensive. And time consuming. And if you’re like me, you like to try to keep all of those thi...

  May 4, 2015

Take Time To Nourish Your Social Media Sites

There are a lot of people that are afraid of it simply because they do not understand or think that they do not have ...

  Sep. 16, 2014

Google My Business

How can I market my business more effectively online?

  Feb. 13, 2014

Meditation mystery

What are the advantages of taking a meditation class?

  Jan. 3, 2013

Insecurity and meditation

How can I control my insecurities?

  Oct. 12, 2011

Making the change to gluten-free

How to make the switch to a gluten-free diet as painless as possible.

  Sep. 9, 2011

Your office rescue kit

Be prepared for any situation at work with our handy office rescue kit.

  Jul 20, 2011

Stop the added calorie madness

All those condiments and toppings can really add up to alot more than you think.