Angela Dufour

Angela C. Dufour, MEd., PDt., IOC Grad Dip Sports Nutr, CFE, is a sports dietitian and owner of Nutrition in Action in Bedford, N.S. Since 1999 Angela has been working as a professional dietitian within the health and sports and foodservice industries in Halifax and abroad. She is also a Regional (Nutrition) Marketing Manager with Compass Group Canada; food services management. Most recently, Angela has worked with Compass Group Canada’s Sport and Leisure and Entertainment Division to assist the culinary and marketing teams with her expertise in Sports Nutrition Food Services to effectively deliver appropriate high performance mass meal service to a variety of athletic groups, including the Canada Summer Games, 2009 in PEI and Molson Canadian Hockey House for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Angela’s clientele includes a variety of athletes, coaches, parents, provincial/national and international athletes. She also provides professional education services to the general public including non-athletes, children, adolescents and the elderly. Her services range from one-on-one consults to group packages, including personal diet assessments and analysis. To learn more, visit

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