Dr. Juliet Ghodsian

Dr. Juliet Ghodsian, ND, is a naturopathic family physician practicing at Sage Clinic in Vancouver, B.C. From a very young age, Dr. Ghodsian has had a passion for helping others. After her undergraduate degree, she completed the four year naturopathic medical degree program at Bastyr University, and two years of clinical training at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. During her medical training she pursued certification in Craniosacral Therapy Level I, II and III. She continued on to receive advanced training (approx. 100 hours) as a preceptor with three different doctors who specialize in Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. She has trained with both the Integrative Body Work Institute and the Upledger Institute. She continues to expand her skill set in this area, with continuing education studies. To learn more, visit www.drghodsian.com.

  Feb. 28, 2013

Picking probiotics

I keep hearing about the benefits of probiotics, but there are a lot out there. Which ones should I choose?