Rana Gupta

Rana Gupta is a speech-language pathologist with Aspire Speech Pathology service Halton Peel region and the GTA. Rana specializes in interdisciplinary and professional skills, pre-school & school age articulation, language andliteracy development, adult neurological swallowing disorders and adult neurologicalcommunication disorders. www.aspirespeechpathology.com

  Mar. 20, 2014

Speech and language developmental milestones

What are the speech milestones that I should be looking for in my child?

  Dec. 19, 2013

Children & language problems

What are signs of language problems in children?

  Nov. 21, 2013

Speech after stroke

Which speech disorders can occur after a stroke?

  Jan. 12, 2013

What is a Lisp?

My child has a lisp. When should treatment begin?

  Jan. 6, 2013

Why is “R” so hard to say?

Why is making the “R” sound so hard for some children?

  Jan. 5, 2013

Language disorder: Aphasia

What is Aphasia?

  Dec. 31, 2012

Apraxia of Speech

What is Apraxia of Speech?

  Oct. 26, 2012

Speech vs. language

What's the difference between speech and language?