Precision Foot Care & Orthotic Centre

Your Brampton Custom Orthotics Specialist - Chiropodist

At Precision Foot Care and Orthotic Center, we take pride in providing the highest quality foot care in a warm and friendly environment. 

Precision Foot Care and Orthotic Centre provide the most advanced techniques and technology for the treatment and removal of pain and discomfort arising from a wide range of foot disorders and foot injuries. Vish Ramcharitar is our resident chiropodist with approximately 20 years experience in providing exceptional family foot care in Brampton. Some of the services we provide include laser treatments for foot/heel/arch pain, custom orthotics, computerised gait analysis, pediatric and diabetic foot care, ingrown nails and various skin conditions.

The numerous clients that have been with us for 15 - 20 years attest to this commitment. Also, to serve you better, we maintain the highest levels of accreditation and training, always staying abreast of the latest trends in podiatry. Call us today to get back on track.

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