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TFab Fitness Studio provides one on one training, bootcamps, Vertimax Athletic Speed and Power development, Zumba, Martial Arts, and Senior Fit classes.

Fitness is a lifestyle, there are no quick fixes!

Experience fun ways to get fit ! 

Each group fitness class is designed to fit every fitness level, so anyone can take part.

Gain strength, lose weight, increase stamina while meeting new people and having fun!

Fitness is a lifestyle, there are no quick fixes so come on out and enjoy the family atmosphere at Total Function and Balance Fitness Studio (TFab).

Regular workout not cutting it? Try a group fitness session today!


Total Function and Balance Fitness Studio was created by owner Tom Faber. Tom has been playing sports all of his life. As a youngster playing hockey Tom was always skinny, he found himself working out with weights and eating everything and anything he could to get bigger and stronger….hockey requires speed, power, and size after all.

Tom began playing volleyball at the age of 38. Volleyball is a sport that requires strength, speed, and power but extra weight is not a requirement, in fact weight it is detrimental. Needless to say Toms work outs changed as did his diet. The competitive brain has always kept Tom researching strength training, speed, power, and nutrition to stay as athletically fit as possible….”I don’t want to be bad lol!”

While working out Tom was often asked for advice which drove him to become a certified trainer. Tom has taught in college and this is where he became aware of the satisfaction he got from helping people. The rest is history and Tom now enjoys the rewards of helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

“Good luck on your fitness goals and remember fitness is a lifestyle.”


Vertimax Jump Training

Vertimax Jump Training

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