Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Mississauga Fitness and Pole Dancing Studio

     Muse Pole Dance and Fitness Studio is a new and exciting fitness destination for the everyday woman. With classes in everything from Pole Dance to Tush and Abs, Spinning , HIIT and personal training, there is something for every woman, of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

At Muse, our goal is to create an inviting experience which helps encourage a friendly and supportive atmosphere of like minded women. Muse: defn; a guiding spirit, a source of inspiration

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The owner Elisabeth Magalhaes, mother of 3, knows how precious time is and promises the time you invest at Muse will be worth your while.With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Elisabeth guarantees she can find the perfect fitness solution for you.Whether you enjoy the energy of others in a small group class or prefer a one on one experience, Muse has it. Get certified today! 



Let Muse Fitness make your event a memorable one! We offer all packages in studiofor your convenience. Custom packages also available on request. We have done hundreds of private events such as Bachelorette, Birthday’s, Special Events, Staff Events, Corporate Events, Couples Events and more…

Pole Dance  – 1 hour

You and your friends will learn over 10 pole moves including transitions, spins and floor work. We will then put it all together in a fully choreographed, sexy and fun pole routine! Contact us for full details.

Chair Dance  – 1 hour

Learn an ultra sexy, “take home and use” freestyle chair dance routine. We will use the floor, chairs and walls for this hot number. Be prepared to crawl, slide and grind your way through this sexy routine. Lots of fun! Props provided. Contact for full details.

Girlicious Dance – 1 hour

Learn an ultra sexy and fun dance routine Girlicious or Pussy Cat Doll style!

Class descriptions:

"Spinning" Pole Fit Conditioning

no experience needed!  This class is an amazing workout for your core, and whole body!  See how challenging it is to hold your body weight up against the resistance on spin mode.
Fun and effective, this workout is not to be missed.

Bikini Body Bootcamp

This one hour circuit style bootcamp class will get your body bikini ready in no time!
The focus will be on strength and cardio , so you will not only tone your body, but burn fat too!
Great for all fitness levels

Candlelight Yoga Flow

This one hour yoga flow class is a perfect way to end the week and decompress from all of the hard work you have put in.Done to only candlelight, let your mind clear and body relax.

Beginner Pole Fit

Are you new to our signature Pole Fit workout? This is a great way to become introduced to this super effective and fun workout format.
Great for those avid pole fitters who would like a less intense version of the class for a Sunday morning.


Carla Cirelli

I admit that my journey to a healthier me involved a lot of “kicking and screaming”. I was introduced to Elisabeth by my sister who raved about the classes. I attended my first class last October and have since lost weight and inches and gained muscle tone and confidence. The Transformation Challenge has been a great motivator and I can’t wait to see my results in another 14 weeks. The classes are challenging, the music is amazing and Elisabeth’s commitment and innovative teaching style has surpassed all of my expectations. Thanks teacher.


Elisabeth’s classes are incredible.   They are motivational and keep me wanting to improve my fitness levels.  I’ve worked out for years and get tired of the same routines and excercises,  but finally I’ve found something that is challenging as well as being refreshingly different! I’m addicted!

Sara P.

Elisabeth is an awesome instructor. She is continually pushing you to be better than you were, and every week you surprise yourself with what you can accomplish (especially because a week or two ago it seemed impossible). I have only been taking classes for a few months and I already can’t believe how my strength has grown, and I have nothing but excitement for how I will continue to grow and improve. I can honestly say that pole fitness has challenged me in ways no other exercise class has been able to, and Elisabeth makes it fun to keep you coming back. Sara P.



Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio

Muse Pole Dance & Fitness...

PSO Winning Routine.  Level 4 Dramatic June 21, 2014

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