Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr. Wallik and Nurse Marten both feel that they are committed to offering their clients the most up to date procedure available, and both are immersed with the literature of this specialty as well as participate in regular conferences, seminars and workshops worldwide. They pay careful attention to the interests and needs of their clients, and our facility is such that Dr. Wallik and Nurse Marten remain intimately involved with all aspects of each procedure. “We place our patients’ priorities first and foremost and thus will never exceed two surgical procedures in the space of one day”.


We are happy to educate our clients in the nuances of surgical hair restoration and feel that a thoroughly informed client is our best advocate. Because our clinic is a separate wing of Dr. Wallik’s residence, privacy and comfort are underscored. “We pride ourselves in providing a service that will stand the test of time. Although immediate client satisfaction is our goal, careful planning and treatment will ensure optimal long term results. We encourage all prospective clients to visit us for a no cost consultation to learn how our service will be of benefit to your unique needs.”

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