A Touch of Health

Whether your goal is relaxation or health, A Touch Of Health in Mississauga, Ontario welcomes you to a professional, quiet setting, with soothing music and your therapy of choice.

Allowing time to care for yourself creates an enhanced sense of wellness and balance that flows to both your family and workplace. This is the main reason why massage and therapeutic bodywork are no longer considered "luxuries", but instead are becoming positive, health-conscious methods of coping with the rush and stress of today’s busy lifestyles.

Your body stores and reflects your experiences. That’s why it’s important to give it healthy, positive messages. These therapies can remind both body and mind of how it feels to function from a relaxed state. This increases your ability to identify stressors at more subtle levels, allowing you more choices before reaching an ‘over-whelmed’ state of dysfunction. Living a life in balance with joy and vibrancy, means taking time for yourself, time for rejuvenation and to process where you are and where you are going.

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