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Welcome to The Dempster Clinic.

We’ve built an innovative Integrative Health Center that puts patients first. If you don’t know us already, I should tell you that we never prescribe standard treatments and remedies. That’s because there are no standard problems. No two people are alike, so we tailor each treatment to the individual – you.

By blending scientific knowledge with traditional, natural, and funtional medicine, we work with you to put your body back into a balanced state of health. If Naturopathic Medicine is new to you, I invite you to call today to book a free 15-minute consultation (by phone or in-person). We’ll explore your health goals and I can explain a bit more about what we do here, answering any questions you may have.

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"Our VISION, quite simply, is to assist our clients in reaching their optimal health and achieving balance and wellness in their life – using functional medicine and customized treatment plans that support the body’s innate power to heal and regenerate."

Our Staff

Dr. John Dempster, Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. John Dempster is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and the medical director/founder of The Dempster Clinic – Center for Functional Medicine, where he focuses on a functional medicine model to treat those with (or looking to prevent) chronic illness such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Autoimmune illness, to high performance individuals. His patients find answers and wellness through his detailed, evidence-based approach.

Dr. Dempster has a strong passion for helping patients embrace an Optimal Aging philosophy to help them achieve a long, healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life, with an overall emphasis of the importance of optimizing metabolic and hormonal functions within the body.

Avideh Motmaen-Far, Osteopath

Avideh is a seasoned practitioner of manual therapy. A graduate in Kinesitherapy, Medicine and Osteopathy, she considers people and human health in a holistic manner combining mainstream and alternative medical techniques with age-old traditions of various cultures around the world. Using the skills and experience acquired over nearly twenty years of health-care practice and continual training Avideh will guide each individual patient through the most adequate path to help solve health problems and subsequently to achieve the highest possible degree of well-being.

She holds a D.O. Degree since 2000 ( The Belgian School of Osteopathy, Belgium ) and since she has continued her education in Osteopathy at The British School Of Osteopathy and “Centre de recherche et d’enseignement d’Osteopatie” in France.

Nathane Jackson, Holistic Nutrionist

Nathane Jackson is a veteran health and wellness authority, specializing in holistic living. He has a decade worth of knowledge as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach and is dedicated to improving all aspects of health starting at the cellular level by combining holistic nutrition, functional exercise, and restorative practices to help his clients strengthen their mind, body and spirit.

He played basketball for the University of Windsor and co-captained the Lancer’s in his final year. Nathane is a professional fitness model who has regularly appeared on covers and in editorial features of leading fitness and health publications as well as a professional physique competitor. An accomplished feature writer, columnist and blogger, he has shared his expertise on numerous television and radio shows, presented at the 2010 Ontario Dental Associations spring clinic and made guest appearances on the W Network’s original series “Stuck.” Nathane has appeared on the covers of over 70 Harlequin romance novels.

Dr. Adrienne Shulman, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Adrienne Shulman is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and practitioner of Functional and Integrated Medicine. She practices family medicine with a special emphasis on women’s health including; hormone imbalances, healthy weight loss, reproduction and menopause.

Dr. Shulman is truly passionate about her work as a Naturopathic Doctor and has resultingly helped thousands of patients to balance their hormones, lose weight, banish insomnia, improve their energy, boost their immune system and to overall live much healthier lives. Combining the wisdom of traditional medicine with advanced biochemical testing, Dr. Shulman creates a customized health plan for each one of her patients.

Dr. Shulman earned her Bachelor of Science degree at York University and completed her graduate studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. She has since been certified in First Line Therapy ( a medical nutrition and lifestyle program) and has completed advanced training in functional medicine through the Functional Medicine University.



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