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Our podiatry professionals at Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic can help! We are always accepting new patients. Our goal is to help our patients become well-informed decision makers so they can fully understand any health issues they may be facing. Our website is full of information that can be accessed by our patients at any time, including an extensive Patient Library. Whether you need information on bunions, hammertoes, fungal toenails, plantar fasciitis, orthotics or diabetic foot care, we have you covered! Please use our website as a resource if you have any concerns about your foot or ankle health. Our Services page is a great place to start looking.

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Axis Foot & Ankle Clinic staff are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality podiatric care and current treatment techniques. Axis Foot and Ankle experts explain various conditions in easy-to-understand terms. We are responsive to our patients needs. We are fair, honest, courteous and professional.

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At Axis Foot & Ankle, our podiatric physicians and surgeons are top notch! Our office is well equipped to treat a plethora of foot and ankle conditions. Dr. Andrew Irvine specializes in bunions, diabetic foot care, orthotics, hammertoes, and more. We've gathered an extensive list of common foot and ankle conditions for you to become familiar with. We're dedicated to your health and believe that education is vital to efficient treatment.

Arch and Ball of the Foot
Do you have pain in the arches or balls of your feet? This type of discomfort is due to injury, overuse, and even footwear. 

  •     Arch Types
  •     Adult acquired flatfoot
  •     Flat feet
  •     Metatarsalgia
  •     Morton’s Neuroma
  •     Overpronation
  •     Plantar fasciitis
  •     Plantar fibroma
  •     Sesamoiditis
  •     Tarsal coalition

Children’s Foot Problems
We hate to see your child in pain. Children have naturally flexible feet, but sometimes growing pains will get the best of them. Foot pain typically resolves naturally, but there are a few conditions that may arise during early development that need professional attention.

  •     Cavus Foot
  •     Clubfoot
  •     Flat feet
  •     In-toeing
  •     Out-toeing
  •     Sever’s Disease
  •     Tarsal Coalition

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries
Life is on the go. Your feet are on the go. With this non-stop lifestyle, foot pain is almost inevitable. Individuals experience problems with their feet and ankles every day. Dr. Irvine can help.  Commonly, most of these conditions are caused by injury or accident.

  •     Achilles tendon rupture
  •     Achilles tendonitis
  •     Ankle fractures
  •     Forefoot fractures
  •     Heel bone fractures
  •     Lisfranc injuries
  •     Peroneal tendonitis
  •     Sesamoid injuries
  •     Shin splints
  •     Sprains
  •     Stress fractures

Do you have your mother's feet? Misshapen and deformed feet are a matter of inheritance. Wearing improper footwear will contribute to the pain and discomfort caused by these conditions.  

  •     Bunions
  •     Claw Toe
  •     Clubfoot
  •     Hallux Rigidus
  •     Hammertoe (Mallet toe, Claw toe)
  •     Metatarsalgia
  •     Overlapping/underlapping toes
  •     Sesamoiditis
  •     Spurs

Diabetes and Circulatory Disease
Individuals with diabetes are exceptionally at risk for developing foot and ankle conditions. Due to a decrease in blood flow and loss of feeling in the feet within diabetics, these conditions may arise.

  •     Charcot Foot
  •     Diabetes
  •     Diabetic foot care
  •     Diabetic wound care
  •     Intermittent Claudication
  •     PAD
  •     Peripheral Neuropathy
  •     Talus fractures
  •     Turf Toe

Diseases of the Foot
Have your feet been feeling a little off? Our feet are often the first place to show symptoms of disease. Take a look at your feet and learn what they have to say. You could have any number of these diseases of the foot.

  •     Arthritis
  •     Cancer
  •     Charcot Foot
  •     Gout
  •     Raynaud’s Disease
  •     Sever’s Disease

Heel Pain
Ouch! Do your heels hurt? Don't let pain interfere with your way of life. Come in for a visit today. Let us find the perfect plan for treating your feet.

  •     Heel fissures
  •     Heel spur
  •     Plantar fasciitis
  •     Stress fractures
  •     Tarsal Tunnel

Nail and Skin Problems
Skin is an important organ in the human body. Along with your toenails, it's important to keep your skin clean and nourished. Nail and skin conditions are associated with fungus or bacterial infections.

  •     Athlete’s Foot
  •     Black Toenails
  •     Blisters
  •     Burning feet
  •     Calluses and Corns
  •     Frostbite
  •     Fungal nails
  •     Ingrown toenail
  •     Lesions
  •     Psoriasis
  •     Skin cancer
  •     Spider Veins
  •     Sweaty Feet
  •     Warts

Nerve/Vascular Disorders
Nerve damage causes feelings of burning or stabbing. If you're experiencing either of these symptoms in your feet or ankles, you may have one of these nerve or vascular diseases.

  •     Diabetic Neuropathy
  •     Morton’s Neuroma
  •     Peripheral Nerve Compression
  •     Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Toe Problems
Dr. Irvine cares about your toes. After all, they provide the entire body with balance and mobility. Toe pain is a result of overuse, trauma to the foot, or improper footwear. If you're experiencing pain in your toes, don't wait another minute. We'll gladly fit you in for an appointment.

  •     Bunions
  •     Hallux Rigidus
  •     Hammertoe
  •     Intoeing
  •     Overlapping/underlapping toes
  •     Turf toe

Trust your feet to our experienced podiatrist. Don't let foot or ankle pain take control of your body. If you become aware of any abnormalities in your feet, it is important to have them diagnosed by a professional. Schedule an appointment online with our office in Calgary by calling (403) 477-3338 or by visiting our appointment request page.

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