Amazing Bodies - Registered Manual Osteopathy

Amazing Bodies - Registered Manual Osteopathy


Judita Tanko – Registered Manual Osteopath welcomes you to AmazingBodies a place to learn, to connect and to improve your lifestyle to a place where your health is at its optimal level at all times.

Every pain, every disease has a cause, and finding landmarks, removing the obstacles, allowing the body to move at its own pace, helping it strengthen the corresponding tissues, all of that is what is so fascinating and amazing! It is all achieved with gentle techniques, precisely applied based on understanding of the way human body works.

Treatment Available for:
- Neck & Back Pain,
- Headaches & Migraines,
- TMJ,
- Sciatica,
- Tandonitis & Bursitis,
- prenatal,
- paediatric
- and more…

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