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Vancouver Walk-In Clinic - No Appointment Necessary

South Vancouver Medical Clinic is a walk-in clinic and a family practice located on the upper level, inside the Real Canadian Superstore on SE Marine Dr. in Vancouver, BC. There is an on-site pharmacy and free parking for your convenience. 

Open every day of the year except December 25th (Christmas Day)

Effective immediately, for weekends and statutory holidays the clinic will be open from 9am-3pm. Please call the clinic prior to your visit to confirm hours and physician availability.


Clinic News

Online appointment booking

  • South Vancouver Medical Clinic is happy to announce online appointment booking is available for walk-in patients and family practice patients.
  • For more information, or to book an appointment, click here to visit their website.
  • Please note, PAP smears cannot be booked using the on-line tool; you must call the clinic to book a PAP smear appointment.

Doctors' schedules are online

  • The medical clinic is happy to announce a feature on their website which allows you to view which doctors are working at the clinic.
  • To take a look, click here to visit their website.


Medical Clinic (604) 323-0077

  • Walk-In Clinic
  • Open to the public
  • No appointment necessary, but please call before visiting to confirm our hours.


Pharmacy (604) 322-3704

  • Inside Superstore, on the main level.
  • Provides prescription dispensing and consultations.
  • Call our pharmacy team for the full list of services we offer.


Important Clinic Policies

Click here to visit our website to make sure the policies listed here are up to date. Policies may change without notice.

1. Cancellations and Appointment No-Shows

We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. There are many other patients waiting for appointments and failure to cancel in time will result in a missed appointment charge of $50.00* (*amount may change without notice).

2. Investigation Results

Our clinic policy is not to provide lab results over the telephone. Only our doctors can interpret lab results and the staff will not comment when asked. Please understand that it can take up to 10 days for our office to receive results back from various labs or hospitals.

Please always make an appointment with a physician at our clinic after you undergo an investigation in order to discuss results. We will do our best to contact you to book an appointment if your investigation results are abnormal. We will call you and, if we are unable to reach you, your family member, or your voicemail, we shall send you a letter in the mail. From time to time we will also contact you to discuss relevant normal results. However, no follow up system is 100% accurate. Therefore, we ask you to follow up with a doctor at our clinic after every investigation that you undergo.

Please note: At times we may need to leave messages on your voicemail (such as the time and place of a specialist referral or the message that lab tests are normal). We will, however, leave only very general information on voicemail. Hence, please provide us with the most confidential phone number(s) that you have. If one of your phone numbers is not to be used to leave any voicemails whatsoever due to confidentiality reasons, please ask us to remove this phone number from your chart.

3. Specialist Referrals and Hospital Investigations

We will do our best to organize specialist referrals and hospital investigations in a timely manner. However, wait times are often long. Should you not obtain any follow up on specialist referrals or hospital investigations within two months (or earlier for urgent matters), please inquire at our clinic about the status of your referral.

4. Prescription Refill Requests via Telephone

We may under some circumstances refill your prescription for long-term medications over the phone without you having to present yourself to the clinic. However, there will be a $40.00* charge per telephone call and this charge needs to be paid by credit card over the phone. (This amount may change without notice.)

5. Oxycodone and Methadone Prescriptions

Our Clinic does not prescribe oxycodone or methadone.

6. Routine Childhood Vaccinations

Our clinic would prefer that children obtain their routine vaccines at the South Health Unit located at 6405 Knight Street at 49th. Their phone number is (604) 321-6151. This way, children are more likely to cooperate with their doctor visit to our clinic as they will not associate our clinic with getting vaccines.

7. Transferring Records to our Clinic

When transferring records to our clinic, always provide us with photocopies and not the original documents. We shred all records that are scanned into our electronic medical record database. Hence, the originals should remain with you or in your former doctor's possession.

8. Statutory Holiday Hours - WE ARE OPEN 11am-5pm

The South Vancouver Medical Clinic is always OPEN on Statutory holidays from 11:00am - 5:00pm.The only exception is Christmas Day when the medical clinic is CLOSED.


About Us

South Vancouver Medical Clinic is a walk-in clinic in Vancouver, BC.

The South Vancouver Medical Clinic is committed to providing high quality, medical care in a clean and friendly environment with added convenience. Our clinic provides both Family Practice and Walk-In medical service where patients can be treated by a qualified health care team.  We understand our patients’ needs and treat all with care and respect.

Contact Us

Telephone: (604) 323-0077

Fax: (604) 323-0076

Address: 350 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S5

Closest Intersection: Marine Drive and Main Street

Closest Landmark: Inside the Real Canadian Superstore on the second level

Accessible: By stairs or elevator, courtesy of the Superstore.



We are conveniently located inside the Real Canadian Superstore in South Vancouver, BC.

The onsite pharmacy provides prescription dispensing and consultation. For more information, call (604) 322-3704.
The Superstore provides shopping opportunities for grocery, home and gift needs. For more information, click here.

Many amenities are also provided on-site including:

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery
  • Free parking
  • Gas Bar
  • Sushi, Natural Foods, Joe Fresh and photo lab departments


Our Lead Physician

Dr. Balint Budai

  • Male Physician
  • Walk-In and Family Practice
  • Languages Spoken: English, Hungarian, Spanish, and French

And Associates


Visit Web Site

Contact Us

(604) 323-0077

350 SE Marine Drive ,
Vancouver, BC, V5X 2S5


Walk-In Hours

Monday 9am    -    8pm
Tuesday 9am  -  8pm
Wednesday 9am  -  8pm
Thursday 9am  -  8pm
Friday 9am  -  8pm
Saturday 9am  -  3pm
Sunday 9am  -  3pm

Family Practice Hours**

Monday 9am    -    4pm
Tuesday 9am  -  4pm
Wednesday 9am  -  4pm
Thursday 9am  -  4pm
Friday 9am  -  4pm
Saturday Closed    
Sunday Closed  

** Lunch hour is taken from 1pm-2pm

*Policy for Posting Hours:

Hours are subject to change without notice. Always call the clinic at (604) 323-0077 before visiting to confirm their hours and physician availability.

We regret that at times we may have to close early due to the generalized shortage of Doctors in BC and the government daily cap on patient limits. High volumes of patients may require that registration be closed earlier than hours stated.

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