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6 Tips from a Chiropractor for good health every day!

If getting out of bed is a painful routine for you, then you know that your Healthy Body is...

If getting out of bed is a painful routine for you, then you know that your Healthy Body is protesting about something that has happened. Perhaps your legs ache, your back hurts, your neck feels stiff on one side, or within minutes of waking you feel a dull headache coming on. Do you know that these problems and the further reaching health issues that may be caused by them can be avoided?

Here are some tips and tricks your chiropractor would like you to know:

1. First and foremost, visit our chiropractic centre to have your spinal alignment checked and adjusted as appropriate. Starting out with a clean slate will help many of the little aches and pains – and even some of the big ones – to go away permanently.

2. Do not feel that you have to jump out of bed in the morning and start running from the first moment your open your eyes. Instead, set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier and do some deep breathing exercises, and some light stretching when you get out of bed. Turn to your left and right with the upper Healthy Body, then repeat the same exercise with your neck.

3. Remember what mom always told you: stand up straight! While slouching over your book will not give you a hump (sorry, mom) it will contribute to the poor aligning of your spine and may even aggravate certain conditions!

4. Everyone knows that lifting needs to be done carefully from the knees with a straight back – but tell this to your kids! As a matter of fact, do tell it to your kids! Teaching them to lift properly by example – such as when you are lifting them – will go a long ways to preserving their and your healthy back and spine.

5. Ladies, there are some aspects of appearing ladylike and chic that have chiropractors cringing every time they see it: high heels which affect the spine due to the lack of a proper distribution of weight, legs crossed in the same position, and of course shoulder purses that carry everything including the kitchen sink. All of these little things that millions of women do each day contribute to an unhealthy way of life and a potentially hurt spine.

6. Office workers know the guilty pleasure of working on the computer while holding the phone cradled in the crook of the neck, or those whose home offices are set up in such a manner that the computer keyboard is positioned improperly for the sake of the aesthetic appearance of the home décor.

If you are honest, you know that you are probably engaging in one or more of these behaviours that chiropractors will warn you against on a daily basis. While it is easy to rationalize these missteps that are negatively affecting your spine, the fact remains that the pain in the morning and the shooting pain that suddenly may affect you in the afternoon is very real.

Scheduling regular visits for chiropractic adjustments will help to ensure that your spine is in proper alignment and that you will not suffer from tension headaches, neck pains, and assorted other ailments which can all be avoided.