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What is Aquatic or Water Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy performed in the...

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy performed in the water. This therapy uses the resistance of water instead of weights in order to rehabilitate clients after injury or those suffering from chronic pain, not only in lower back but also in neck or other regions of the Healthy Body. Exercises done during aquatic sessions can help mobilizing joints, increasing range of motion and in developing balance and stability.

So why use Aquatic Therapy?

Exercises for back pain relief have been found to help get rid of the back pain and discomfort. Sometimes, however, land based exercises are not possible due to such factors as intensity of pain, decreased bone density, advanced osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, muscle strain or tear, some sort of disability or other conditions. Aquatic therapy conducted in pool provides a safe environment to work with limited impact on the muscles/ joints and helps to stretch our bodies as water eliminates the constraints that result from gravity. Water exercises also help in conditioning and strengthening muscles that may avoid future recurrences of back pain or injury in general. Aquatic therapy is also beneficial for people with diabetes and high blood pressure. The biggest advantage- You can do aquatic therapy even if you don’t know how to swim!