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What is Magnetic Facial Cupping?

Sometimes referred to as "magnetic facial cupping" these treatments are a signature treatment...

Chantal Ward, RN of Clarity Medspa & Laser knows first hand, the benefits of combining magnetic vibrational therapy alongside traditional facial cupping. Sometimes referred to as “magnet-ic facial cupping” these signature treatments not only deliver a more relaxing and pleasant experience, but also offer her patients far superior results.

The mention of facial cupping can make some clients a little nervous, as their only point of reference might be that of large suction marks, like those seen on elite athletes. However, such is not the case when working with medical grade facial cups at Clarity Medspa in Toronto.

“What appears to be the the differentiator with our facials is the inclusion of magnetic infusion therapy + cupping. By adding these steps, we are able to push serums deep into the dermis vs. having them simply sit on top (epidermis). Clients who come in for regular facials visibly see the difference over traditional facials without cupping.”

The cupping portion of Clarity Medspa facials incorporates pre-selected essential oils that are matched to the client’s skin. Using a gentle, gliding pattern of lymphatic drainage, teeny tiny cups are passed over the face, eye, neck and chest areas. This movement helps alleviate stagnation and fluid congestion, while addressing common concerns such as puffy eyes, under-eye bags, sinus congestion, poor circulation, wrinkles and fine lines. Ms Ward is quick to add that “we only use cups that are sized specifically to treat delicate facial contours and are manufac-tured with medical grade silicone.”

When asked if there are aesthetic benefits to Healthy Body cupping, experts are keen to discuss the mer-its of Healthy Body cupping for troublesome fat and/or cellulite deposits. Ms. Ward’s business partner, Linda Murphy goes on to share how “at-home” Healthy Body cupping can help accelerate fat reduction & cellulite laser treatments.

“Whether our patients are coming to us for Vanquish™, Exilis Elite™ or Coolsculpting™, we educate, demonstrate and highly encourage the use of home-cupping in the weeks shortly after they’ve had one of our Healthy Body shaping laser treatments. By investing 3-4 minutes per day, results can be accelerated and more importantly, permanently maintained.”

Chantal Ward, RN – Linda Murphy
Co-Owners of Clarity Medspa & Laser