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Intravenous Therapy: What You Need To Know

I am finding more and more IV therapy lounges and Vitamin Drip shops are popping up all over the place...

I am finding more and more IV therapy lounges and Vitamin Drip shops are popping up all over the place. In these places you can decide from a menu and get a drip potentially without a full work up. I have had numerous people try to phone the clinic to get an IV drip without booking an initial consult. In my clinic, we require a consult first, for good reason.

There are many types of IV therapies out there ranging from a traditional Myers cocktail to High Dose Vitamin C therapies, to Skin Healing therapies, and more. One may think that they can pop in and sit down, get a drip and go on with their day. But here is the thing.

YOU NEED A FULL ASSESSMENT. Period. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Here is why:

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Injecting a Vitamin, Mineral, Herbal or Amino Acid into the vein can have side effects (from allergic reaction, to fluid overload, to blood cells bursting). An assessment of Liver and Kidney function need to be done, and for higher doses of Vitamin C, a marker called G6PD needs to be done to make sure your Healthy Body can handle the treatment.

Your overall health should also be assessed. Is this even the right therapy for you? Is there other avenues that should also be explored. IV therapy is part of a bigger protocol, not a stand-alone treatment. As an ND I want to see how you are eating, what supplements you are taking, what medications you are on, your sleep patterns, your lifestyle, etc. etc. All of this impacts the type of treatment you require. IV is sometimes recommended alongside other therapies, or as a fast track to improve health quickly, with a plan to move to oral supplementation afterwards.

If after all of this and our safety standards are met, then I tailor the IV to you. Yes, there are sample recipes to follow, and sometimes a standard Myers or standard Vitamin C drip is what you will get; but generally, I will tell you, my patients typically end up getting formula unique to them, to meet their specific health concerns and unique Healthy Body requirements.

So, when you are thinking of this type of treatment, which can be absolutely amazing, make sure you are ready to embark upon a more thorough assessment. Make sure it is the right thing for you!