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Massage Therapy for Concussion Management

Can massage therapy help you with head concussion? Read this article to learn more!

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury which can occur after direct impact to your head or a whiplash-type injury that causes the head and brain to shake. The overall experience and symptoms of a concussion can vary from person to person. 

One of the most common symptoms many post-concussion patients experience might be chronic post-traumatic headaches. Headaches are a symptom that many people experience normally, this may lead some people to not seek treatment. Other symptoms that may be experienced are sensitivity to light or noise, feeling sluggish, difficult concentrating or confusion. Post-concussion symptoms generally show up soon after the incident but symptoms may present themselves later or may increase in intensity with time. Everyone experiences symptoms differently which is totally normal.

Early post-concussion intervention is very important in one’s recovery and is a great way to ensure that post-concussion symptoms do not become long lasting, having a negative affect on quality of life long term. Seeking treatment from concussion rehab trained and experienced healthcare professionals (which ProActive Rehab is) is always advised by your physician if you suspect a concussion or have sustained an injury to the head or neck.

Cervicogenic headaches are often a result of whiplash that may have occurred at the time of the concussion. It is common to see increased muscle tension and myofascial restriction in the muscles throughout the upper back, shoulders, neck, jaw and skull following a concussion. This is where massage therapy comes in.  Massage therapy is a valuable treatment that can aid in promoting relaxation, stress reduction and tissue tension normalization.  As treatment for those recovering from a concussion will be different on a case to case basis, massage therapy is often used alongside physiotherapy and exercise therapy to address the multiple symptoms and factors affecting post-concussion recovery. 

The importance of massage therapy as an adjunctive intervention for those who are recovering from a concussion has become very relevant. At ProActive Rehab, we provide a diverse and comprehensive approach to concussion management through massage, physiotherapy and exercise therapy to ensure we can help those struggling with post-concussion symptoms to maximize the opportunity to get back to doing what they love to do!

For more information on massage therapy and our concussion management program, please visit our website:  To book an appointment to see one of our experienced healthcare professionals please call 705 788 1480.