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Our Amazing Immune System!

The healthy functioning of our every system depends on the health of our body as a whole: this “right environment”.ec

Our Amazing Immune System! As a Holistic Nutritionist, Iridologist and Energy practitioner since 1997, I can honestly say I have never felt more passionate than I do in this current climate of a global health challenge. I am committed to educating others far and wide on the body’s amazing ability to get and remain healthy through the principles of what a mentor and teacher of mine, aptly called “right living”. Succinctly put, this is the best homeostatic or balanced environment for each and every person to thrive with nutrition, healthy emotions and mindset, physical movement, etc.

Here’s the rub: EACH PERSON IS responsible for this right environment. If we abdicate the responsibility to others to “fix” a problem, we no longer take responsibility for sickness caused by violating the natural laws of health.

The Immune System is one of the many systems that work in synergy with every other system in the body. It is our defense system for injury and potential pathogenic invaders to our body. As with every system, it has many parts and is very intricate in its function. Again as with many of the body’s systems, it functions 24/7,365 days a year.

I had the opportunity to recently attend an on-line lecture by a prominent immunologist and reinforced my knowledge in my body’s ability to be, and remain, healthy. It is timely and relevant to list some of the key points that came from this lecture.

Key Points:

  1. The system is BETTER that the sum of its parts
  2. There’s a degree of elasticity with the system (any system actually) and when it is stressed beyond the borders of this elasticity, it will be out of homeostasis.
  3. A Cytokine Storm is a chaotic behaviour: chronic vascular inflammation or other comorbidities can drive the body to this cytokine storm (in other words keep your cardiovascular system in good shape and eliminate or reduce any other factors of illness/disease).
  4. Antibodies are made of proteins (composed of amino acids): every second70K antibody molecules are produced in the cytoplasm! (eat good quality protein every day that your body can digest and absorb easily to provide the amino acids needed for this job – and many other jobs!)
  6. Sugar and Fat will cause inflammation in the arteries, making the body more susceptible to the cytokine storm listed above. Nutrition plays a key role in regulating this. Avoid excessive sugar found in white flour product, baked goods, sweets, sodas and pop, etc. Avoid deep-fried foods of all kinds.
  7. Certain elements can improve and support immune function: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A, Medicinal Mushrooms like Poira and Reishi.
  8. Stress suppresses immune function: as Cortisol levels increase, immune function decreases.
  9. Depression and Sadness have a negative impact on immune function where laughter and togetherness have a positive impact.

Now is the time to take full responsibility for our health and supercharge our bodies to be not only resistant to illness but also resilient if illness should take hold. We are the keepers of our bodies and we are challenged now to do the most that we can to be the healthiest possible.

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