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Become a Healthy Eating Weight Loss Coach

Do you have a passion for Health, Fitness and encouraging others to live their best life??? If the answer is yes, then the Health and Wellness World needs You!

One thing has been certain in 2020 and into 2021 is that HEALTH has been the main focus and not necessarily in the way that I, as a Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Practitioner, expected to see it!

More than ever, I am adamant in my belief that people need to feel empowered and TRUST in their bodies to be able to be healthy,  RESISTANT to dis-ease and RESILIENT to any health challenges that we may encounter.  In my newest work with Epigenetic/Frequency-based Hair Analysis, how we fuel our bodies, how we move our bodies, how we reduce our exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, how we deal with stress and emotions and how we correct imbalance in the gut is THE way we can ensure our best health ever!

I have just marked my 10th year with canfitpro teaching the nutrition course by its various forms over the years.  I can confidently say that the HWL Coaching course certification gives an excellent fundamental knowledge of the above areas to help individuals improve their health.  Even those in good health can always go to the next level if they so desire and YOU can help take them there.

The course, through canfitpro, involves studying the emanual provided, complete the short quizzes online and complete a 10 hour in class portion with yours truly.  The in class portion, via zoom, is very practical with lots of discussion of the manual information and how you use this with clients in the coaching/client relationship.  With the class participants, we engage in dynamic, interesting and fun discussion and dialogue.

I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with anyone keen to learn and become the Health Ambassadors that are definitely needed in the world right now!


·         The current epidemic of obesity

·         The science of nutrition (physiology, metabolism & digestion)

·         Macro and Micronutrients

·         Food intake practices to optimize fat loss

·         Psychology of fat loss and behavior modification

·         How to start the fat loss journey


o   Monday, May 17th 2021

o   Wednesday May 19th 2021

Friday May 21st 2021

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What People are saying about the couse

“The course is quite thorough and provides an in-depth knowledge of all things which are current and important in today’s maze of food trends and diets. The in-person (via Zoom during covid) group sessions were extremely helpful, even without having read the entire manual. Joanne is a very experienced coach and trainer and was so encouraging and willing to share her knowledge. I found her training session very informative and conducive to learning. Thank you.” GD

“I really enjoyed the course and content. Joanne was very knowledgeable and her background knowledge that she implemented when teaching was very interesting and insightful. I loved the breakout rooms as well to discuss the material in depth. I would highly recommend this course to anybody, from individuals wanting to learn about nutrition and health in-depth, to fitness professionals who desire to further their knowledge. Since I am very young, this was my second course I have taken and I found that her method of teaching made the material very easy to understand.”   SB