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Lifestyle Habits to Support Your Immune System:

It's important to keep up your lifestyle to properly support your immune system.
  1. Adequate sleep: this is very individual, so you may need 6 hours optimally or you may need 9. Restful and deep sleep is the key for the body to repair. Establish a bedtime routine: No technology 1 hour before bed. Use an Epsom salt bath to relax. Read to get sleepy. Play soft music to soothe you. Melatonin can help with sleep issues as well as supporting your adrenals to bring down your cortisol levels before bed.
  2. Proper hydration: Thirst is just one sign of dehydration and many people get use to going without water. Headaches, achy muscles, puffiness (your body needing to hold on to water) can all be signs of dehydration. Take your body weight and divide by2: this is a baseline of the number of ounces to drink each day. More is needed if you drink coffee, alcohol, workout or work in an environment where you sweat (construction, etc). Add fresh lemon, a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar or sea salt to your water to help with water uptake to the cells.
  3. Keep stress to a minimum: stress is different things to different people. What stresses you out? Right is down – make a list. Then change the things you can. The things you can’t change -change your RESPONSE to those things. Don’t react, use deep breathing, maybe learn to let go.
  4. Foster healthy relationships: One thing that this past year has shown us is the value of relationships. More so, the value of good and healthy relationships. It may be a hard thing to reconcile with yourself when a relationship is not serving you or the other person and to move on from that or change it in a way that is better for everyone concerned. Also be the person you want to attract in a relationship. Be more loving, more compassionate, more giving and accepting.
  5. Laughter: Laughter really IS the best medicine and increases endorphins that support healthy cellular function and thus immune function. Put something funny on to watch or listen to and get in some daily laughter. Laugh with others. Dance, be joyful and see how much lighter you feel!
  6. Spend time in nature: This is well known how revitalizing this is but likely not taken advantage of by most people. Not near a forest? A park will do just fine, or a creek or river just as much as a lake or ocean. Find some quiet in the arms of Mother Nature and all your cells will thank you for it!

Joanne Mulhall is a Certified Natural Nutritional Practitioner with offices in both North Vancouver and Sechelt. Many extended health insurance plans cover her services. For a 30 minute complimentary discovery session with Joanne, call 778-387-7110 or book online at

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