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ProActive’s Community Support

ProActive Rehab came into being on November 30, 2001. As the proud, homegrown physiotherapist owner of this local industry-leading physical rehab center, I am excited to realize that we have been helping the residents, both permanent and seasonal, of Muskoka and the Near North get back to living for nearly 20 years!

Over this time so many things have influenced who we are today: the many and varied individuals who have made up my team along the way; the now too-numerous-to-count clients that have brought us their injuries, disabilities, fears, worries and personal challenges, entrusting us to hold them dear and guide them on their journey to recovery; the new ideas and innovations that have emerged within our professions; the concept that a “physiotherapy clinic” could be a legitimate small business within the greater local business community; and indeed that a young clinical physiotherapist could learn and grow into the leader of such a business!  These things and so many more have brought us, and me, to where we are today, and I am eternally grateful. 

I also acknowledge that none of it would have been possible without our community—a community to serve, a community to hire from, a community to contribute to. I am so fortunate to have been raised in the great and vibrant town of Huntsville, to have ever supportive parents that made it easy to want to “come back home,” to have made many friends within the business community of this town, and to have had many others give to and support me along the way.  

As a growing business in this community, we have always made an effort to give back. Often in small ways: local minor sports team sponsorships, small donations to a multitude of causes, service provision at many athletic events. Sometimes in larger ways: course sponsorships at local triathlons/running events, major fundraising campaigns for Huntsville Hospice and The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation, team participation in hands-on support of various large scale community events. At this stage of our growth we know how important it is to continue to find ways to give back to the community that has, and continues to, support us.  

Our motto, “Strong, Fit and Healthy with ProActive Rehab”, along with our mission “to help our clients ‘get back to living – ProActively’”, drives us to find causes and organizations that align with our vision. The Children’s Foundation of Muskoka is one such organization. Since 2018 we have been making a monthly donation to this great foundation to help kids get and stay active, the best way to set them up for a healthy, active lifestyle, for life! Our monthly donation is based on how many assessments (new first visits) we do, and on how well we do them (your feedback). Our clients know that part of what they pay for our services goes right back to help others in a positive way. We know how important an active lifestyle is to good health throughout life, and we are proud to be able to help Muskoka families attain this goal for their kids.

ProActive Rehab is proud to be Huntsville’s longest established physiotherapy/physical rehabilitation center and to have been serving the Huntsville and wider Muskoka and Near North communities for 20 years. We are pleased and grateful to be able to give back and support our community in return. Thank you to you, our clients for making it all possible! We all look forward to continuing to serve and to support.