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The Benefits of Kinesiology/Sports Taping

Physiotherapists often use taping techniques to help speed recovery from an injury. Tape can be used to provide stability to joints and ligaments, support to injured muscles and to decrease swelling and bruising.

While there are many types of tape and techniques out there, one of the more common approaches uses Kinesiology or Sports Tape.  Popular brands include Body Sport, ROCK tape and K-tape.  While all of these brands work similarly, you want to look for a brand that sticks well and does not fall off when it gets wet.  This type of tape has become increasingly popular with health professionals due to its versatility.  Kinesiology tape is breathable so it can stay on for several days and it has a natural elasticity to it that supports the injured area without restricting movement.   Because of these reasons, physiotherapists have been using this tape more and more to facilitate and enhance an individual’s recovery with less pain.   For example, if you were to roll your ankle, kinesiology tape can be applied to the joint to decrease swelling and provide support to the ligaments so that they are protected and heel with less laxity.  It also can decrease pain which allows the individual to walk sooner without limping – which enhances recovery.   In addition to ligament sprains, kinesiology tape works well for muscle or tendon injuries (whether acute or chronic), lymphatic drainage/acute hematomas and postural correction techniques. 

All tape, at least initially, should be applied by a professional trained in the use of the tape.  That being said, the techniques are often simple enough that the patient can be taught how to do it themselves going forwards.  Always keep in mind that the tape should be removed if it causes redness or skin irritation or increases pain.  If you have an injury that you think might benefit from kinesiology taping, we would be happy to assess the injury and teach you how to best use the tape to speed up your recovery.   Please give us a call at 705-788-1480 or visit us at for more information.