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Toe and Foot Transformations

Let’s share with you foot and nail conditions and how we transform them to a healthier condition!

Our Foot Care nurses are so proud of what we do here at Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre clinics and Home visits!

This week was amazing as you can see…with many great transformations from unhealthy thick nails to healthier nail beds. Never feel embarrassed to come in.

Fungal/ Thick Nails:

“Clients are at risk when a nail becomes thick and yellow. Routine Treatment is to reduce as much of the dead and diseased nail as possible leaving a thin nail to grow in and maintain. Thick nails put pressure and put them at risk for damage or even a ulcer underneath” We use podiatry burrs of many shapes and sizes to quickly reduce and reshape. Thick nails can cause pressure underneath leading to micro bleeds. We assess why your nails are sick and have the ability to do a fungal nail test via the lab. We have several options for treatment.

We carry several nail tincture products that are applied twice daily and you come in for a regularly scheduled debridement every six weeks. We also have ToeFx ClearToe Light Therapy Fungal Nail Photodisinfection Treatment in our office which uses photo dynamic therapy to treat the nails in several sessions. All in all, it can take up to two years to treat fungal nails!

Corn Care:

Removal is done by a professional podiatry tools such as gouge blades, carbide ball burr and scalpel. Corns can be very painful and you want to remove right down to the core. We assess why this is happened and developing offloading plan. Sometimes as a simple gel device to keep the boney prominences from rubbing and sometimes it’s a custom orthotics.

Callus Care:

We have products and sterilized tools we use to help reduce and remove thick calloused areas. It takes a foot nurse skilful touch with a scalpel or podiatry burr to reduce the area effectively. Affectively. We have the full line of foot logic’s products in our office to continue home treatment. Callus is in ulcer waiting to happen. This also feels not so great in your shoes and puts you at risk


This is a multi-layer process of removal. Starting with skin softeners, then credo and scalpel, and finishing with a podiatry heal paddle. This condition most certainly needs follow up with a Footlogix cracked heal foam for home!

We love the time we have to educate and come up with a great treatment plan for their feet. Most clients wait many years before seeking treatment. Make sure you are seeing a foot care specialist trained in medical foot care.