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Burn Calories Fast!

Have a hard time fitting your workout into your busy schedule? These exercises will help you burn the most calories in the least amount of time.

Not all exercises are created equal. There are some that really maximize calorie burn and will help you shed the excess weight in no time. So which exercises burn the most calories? Read on to find out.

Cross Country Skiing

For anyone who has done some cross country skiing, this comes as no surprise. It is one of the most grueling all-Healthy Body exercises you can engage in. The reason it burns so many calories is it engages the entire Healthy Body including all of the major muscle groups. The movement is the great calorie burning combination of strength training and cardio, which results in burning over 1,100 calories an hour at maximum intensity.


Biking is another exercise that burns the calories by the hundreds. Biking is effective because it incorporates the largest muscle groups (the legs), which means your Healthy Body can burn more calories. And by biking we mean the real thing – not a recumbent bike at your local gym. So how many calories does biking burn? Try 850-1000 per hour at a maximum intensity.


The most effective calorie-burning exercises are basic in nature and utilize the major muscle groups. Running is one of those exercises. Whether you’re running outside or on a treadmill, running is a great way to increase your cardio and lose weight. Running at an 8-minute mile pace will burn approximately 850 calories in an hour.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope isn’t just for kids. In fact, jumping rope is one of the most grueling whole Healthy Body exercises there is. After a while you can do it fairly effortlessly, but you’ll still burn a ton of calories. Ask any beginner and they’ll tell you it takes about 30 seconds before they run out of gas. That’s how intense jumping rope is. Jumping rope will burn about 800 calories at an intense level.


Ever wonder why all of those MMA fighters and boxers are in such great physical shape? It’s because they burn thousands of calories in the gym throwing punches. Boxing utilizes the arms, back, shoulders, and core. An hour spent hitting the bag will burn 800-825 calories.


Rowing is a great calorie burning activity. The large sweeping movement incorporates the back, arms, shoulders and core. Combine that with the friction caused by the water or the rowing machine and you’ve got one of the best calorie-burning exercises on the planet. How good? 825 calories per hour good.


They don’t call it a “swimmer’s Healthy Body” for nothing. An hour of swimming burns 700 calories an hour. Swimming is a great exercise for people with injuries or pain because there is little impact and shock on the Healthy Body compared to running, jumping rope, etc.