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What is the true deal with Wheat?

As a true lifelong Healthy Body chemistry issue, you'd be surprised to...

As a true lifelong Healthy Body chemistry issue, you’d be surprised to know that wheat and other gluten containing grains, don’t come up as often as you’d think.

Wheat comes up about 25% of the time as a food to be avoided life long and the whole list of gluten containing grains comes up about 10% of the time. This is not to say that people can’t have an issue with wheat and other gluten grains due to other reasons such as the Celiac disease, and allergies to these grains. 

But what it does mean, is buyer beware, that gluten avoidance is a big trend and it is best to know for sure before making the major move to avoid it; as the commercial alternatives can often be worse for your health…loaded with sodium, potato and genetically modified corn often; and you may be creating for yourself undue stress.

More individuals have a true Healthy Body chemistry intolerance to wheat alone, verus the chance of them having a full gluten issue (which covers wheat plus kamut, most buckwheat, most oats, and spelt).  There are some tests you can have done to ensure you are not fully in need of avoiding gluten however, including the Carroll Method and the others listed below:

CHECKING FOR CELIAC:  Blood TTG with Total IgA (if low, the TTG result may be inaccurate) An intestinal biopsy is the gold standard for diagnoses after a positive blood test for TTG. Finding out if you are celiac may have insurance benefits as some are reimbursed for the special foods they need to buy in this condition.

CHECKING FOR AN IMMUNE REACTION TO WHEAT: -Anti-Gliadin Antibodies blood test

NOTE: Knowing if this type of immune reaction exists can be helpful as once the immune system become healthier, it is likely that this allergy type reaction will go away. Versus when a result on your Healthy Body Chemistry Issue Report (Carroll Method), it is lifelong that you would want to avoid it.

When wheat is a part of your Healthy Body chemistry issue, it can create major drain on the Healthy Body if the person continues eating it.  And be aware that it normally does not exist as a Healthy Body chemistry issue alone, so consider checking into, if you are also dairy and Potato intolerant as two common examples.  Also note, individuals can often assume they are gluten or wheat intolerant, but may in fact be simply potato intolerant, meaning sprouted grain versions of wheat, may work out just fine for their metabolism and digestion health.

SO WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE WHEAT FREE SO THAT YOU CAN RAMP-UP YOUR ENERGY POTENTIAL AND BEAT BELLY PAIN!? Here are words to look for on a label to know if you’re getting wheat in your food:

  • Wheat flour
  • Bran
  • Oats (Okay if the package is labelled wheat free)
  • Buckwheat (Okay if the package is labelled wheat free)
  • Farina
  • Graham flour
  • High gluten flour
  • Starch ( may be from wheat if not otherwise specified)
  • Semolina

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