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Does eating high protein help me lose weight?
Does eating high protein help me lose weight?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean you need to turn towards lots of high fat protein sources to see weight loss results.  When one says high protein diet, you usually think of the traditional Atkins diet, which consisted of high fat proteins like full cheeses, high fat dairy, bacon, read meat, egg yolks and butter.  Higher protein is very essential but you must balance that with healthy fats and the good carbohydrates (carbs).  High protein doesn’t mean low carbs per se or elimination of carbs.  But, it does mean protein source with each meal and or snack of the day!

High protein keeps you satisfied longer, fuels muscle recovery and repair (building new muscle). You want to choose white meats, occasionally dark meats, fish, Greek 0% yogurt, low fat dairy, egg whites, protein powders like whey isolate and veggie sources like brown rice, tofu, tempeh and occasionally red meat. 

The good carbs fuel your Healthy Body, brain and also help in recovery from exercise.  The carbs you want to eat are rich in fiber (4+ grams/serving), are brown and/ or come from the ground! If this saying doesn’t apply to the carbs you’re eating, then you’re probably eating the wrong carbs.  Low fiber, refined carbs create havoc on your blood sugar levels and leads to cravings, sugar crashes and over eating.  Start with tons of veggies, all the berry type fruits, sweet potato, squash’s, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat crisps like Ryvita and oatmeal.

You’ll be very satisfied with protein and high fiber at every meal, so be creative with food combinations and have fun wit it! 

I am assuming of course that you are also including exercise with this healthy eating weight loss plan!   Try to include all aspects of fitness, progressive weight training cardiovascular exercise and stretching/flexibility like Yoga or Tai Chi.