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Finding it Harder to Get into the Holiday Spirit this Year?

Maybe it’s time to go back to the simpler Joys in life like

  • Building a Snowman
  • Watching the snow fall with a nice Warm Tea
  • Taking a Scenic walk
  • Listening to Carols or your favorite music (maybe even dancing to it!)
  • Building a Snow Fort/Having a Snowball Fight
  • Go Sledding or Skating
  • Baking then freezing most of the goodies so you don’t over indulge and also have treats to enjoy all year long
  • Having a Winter Photo Shoot
  • Taking up new Hobbies that keep you busy indoors (crocheting, puzzles, instruments etc.)
  • Making Homemade Christmas Cards
  • Board Games with the Family
  • Reading a Book you have been meaning to get to
  • Having a “Best Christmas Lights” Competition Walk around the Neighborhood
  • Taking Time to Enjoy the Beauty and Joy around you (It’s a good kind of contagious 🙂 )

Whatever your simple Joys are this Holiday we hope you find Cheer all Season Long!