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The Missing Ingredient in Your Manifestation Stew

Just like any good recipe, the ingredients, requirements, skill level, and instructions are clearly outlined in your journal. You are about to master your non-culinary concoction in all of its imagined glory! Exact measurements are followed - you are a master chef about to conceptualize your ultimate creation!

You know you have all the visual ingredients to perfect your manifestation; You have envisioned, revised, and taste-tested this perfect creation. Only, once ready to devour this delightful dish, you find it dissatisfies you. There is flavor lacking, a umami missing, and ultimately, your recipe is but written words. Your stew is more like a soup – thin, lacking robustness, and ultimately, inedible.

You had spent months visualizing the perfect recipe for yourself, clearly seeing your desired outcome – from the perfect house to a successful business or career, all the way to your ideal loving partner. You indulged yourself in fantasizing that genuine feeling of achieving your goals, of having your cake and eating it too. You then begin to question why you are even following this manifestation recipe only to have an empty plate. Why do you still feel these elusive pangs of hunger?

Building Flavour by Boosting those Visualization Skills

Ramping up our visualization skills is one of a few steps in achieving our goals. But one underrated ingredient – the finishing seasoning on your recipe for success, is to simply take action!

Setting goals, visualizing, creating plans of action, and manifesting are powerful tools for attaining outcomes. However, lack of action towards these goals is like praying to win the lottery without ever buying a ticket.

Not long ago, a client of mine came into my office seeking help in boosting his startup business as a microbrewer. He knew in his heart of hearts that he had wonderful products – he had spent years perfecting his craft. Upon our meetings, he revealed to me that he could clearly visualize his success – from the labeling on his bottles, to the car he was going to drive, to the perfect layout of his future office.

John* has hundreds of people taste his products and could not find one who did not adore them. He had all the ingredients for success: his recipe, his processes, his know-how, and even the startup funds. After a series of small obstacles in his path to his startup, he came into my office feeling defeated and not fully understanding why he had not achieved the success he envisioned for himself.

John was desperately searching for his recipe for success. Upon discussion, we discovered that those little setbacks had halted his progress, in that he simply stopped taking steps towards his goal and unconsciously surrendered to his defeat. While he came into my office seeking to regain his confidence after his failure, he got so much more than he bargained for! Once realizing his pattern, he could get back into his kitchen and start cooking up his plan again. Taking small, simple steps towards his goals and working around the obstacles rather than forfeiting. He discovered that both the recipes of his products and his recipe for success could both be adjusted.

Since getting back into cooking up his plan, John has successfully launched his microbrewing business, taking steps every day to finding distributorship for his products. He understands that it is alright to adjust the recipe, perhaps add a bit more seasoning. He continues to manifest his dream car. Only now he will actually get himself to the car dealership.


Just like John, we all have our healthy appetites for outcomes and goals. So I encourage you, sprinkle that salt, write down your recipe for success, and whip it up! The only way to have your delicious lavish meal of choice, after all, is to get cooking!