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5 Tips For Improving Your Sleep

These are the ways to get a good night sleep.

1. Make sure your sleeping environment is dark- there should be no light visible in your room when you go to sleep.  This sends clear signals to your brain that it is time to go to sleep.

2. Expose yourself to natural light first thing in the morning- this helps set your circadian clock so that your entire body is functioning properly and in rhythm.

3. Get a good wind down routine started about 1-2 hours before bed time.  This can include turning off some lights in the house, stop using electronics, doing a meditation, listening to soothing music.

4. No phones, laptops, iPads in the bedroom.  Distracts the mind.

5.  Make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable and cool.  Good pillows. Consider cooling blanket.  Good, nontoxic mattress.