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How Do Compression Socks Work?

Compression socks/stockings are designed to improve blood circulation in the legs and feet. Compression socks work by gently pushing blood flow up the legs, helping to prevent swelling and even blood clots.

Who needs compression socks?

While it’s true that compression socks are primarily prescribed for patients with a history of diabetes they can provide exceptional pain relief and other medical benefits for a variety of others including:

  • Those who are standing for long periods
  • PSWs, Nurses, flight attendants and passengers etc
  • Pregnant  women
  • Gym enthusiast and athletes 

At Sole Pulse we provide consultation and fittings for individuals needing compression socks as the amount of compression provided by a pair of socks will vary. All compression socks are not created equal and provide varying levels of compression from mild (15-20mmHg) to firm (30- 40mmHg) compression. 

During a consultation a foot care nurse will advise on the level of  compression a patient needs, as well as measure your leg to make sure you are fitted in a proper compression sock/stockings.