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Humpty Dumpty Sat on The Wall Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men Couldn't Put Humpty Together Again

Humpty Dumpty Sat on The Wall
Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall
All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men
Couldn’t Put Humpty Together Again

I am of the opinion that the King’s horses and the King’s Men were quite possibly using the wrong methods of putting Humpty back together. Conventional methods definitely have their place in our society; however, when working with someone who is so broken in mind, Healthy Body and spirit, working only on the mind, Healthy Body and emotions is not sufficient and doing Humpty a disservice.
The most catastrophic events can cause victims of PTSD to have incredibly low self-esteem, to be an outcast, to go into hiding, just to name a few of the long list of symptoms, and then lose their faith, their trust, their love for themselves and those around them. One person cannot heal another’s PTSD, that is not possible. The person that has PTSD can heal themselves, they just need guidance and someone to help them to facilitate that healing. Also, the symptoms of PTSD are just that, symptoms. What needs to be healed is the soul, the spirit. Forgiveness needs to happen of themselves and the others involved. They need to understand what the purpose was for them to experience what they experienced, and what they were supposed to learn from this. Why them??? Since conventional therapy does not address this in a spiritual and holistic way, these questions and the appropriate healings cannot be performed. We are energy beings, and we have a limitless energy in a limited Healthy Body, I like to call my rental car…some things are beyond simple comprehension and we need to take it to another level in order to get the answers we need. The spiritual level.

Energy, Spirit, Soul..same thing…don’t let the words freak you out…we are made of energy, so therefore we need to heal the energy, clear the clutter. If you don’t work on all three components…Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Energy, it’s only a band aid.

When we think of PTSD, our mind automatically goes to war time veterans. Lately, in the news we have been hearing about police officers killing themselves and unfortunately this in not a new happen-stance. A police officer putting his own service revolver in his mouth and pulling the trigger is something we have all had the misfortune of hearing about at one time or another. It’s unfortunate that they never were able to find the healing that they needed. PTSD is caused from harsh and exceptionally stressful situations and effect many people from all walks of life besides the ones just mentioned. It effects soldiers, our 911 first responders as well as others on their teams, but it is not only segmented to them, it is also a condition that victims of rape and abuse can and often do experience. The event or events were so severe that it overwhelmed their coping responses. PTSD does not discriminate and can effect men, women and children.

When I read about PTSD in various books and magazines, I read about the devastation to the mind and Healthy Body, and unfortunately do not read that much about the devastation cast upon the spirit, our energy. Everything begins on a energy plane, every single thing that happens to us begins there and if gone unhealed, can manifest physically and mentally. With the extraordinary events that cause PTSD, this happens rather quickly and in time begins to fester and manifest itself in many different ways. Some of those ways could be fear, anger, concentration, memory, dissociation, unusual startle responses, physical anomalies, avoidance, flashbacks, nightmares, guilt, poor sleep patterns, unhealthy behaviours, addictions, poor social or relationship skills…the list goes on and on. Let’s face it, their spirit is broken, pieces of them have been lost, they don’t love or respect themselves and they are no longer whole.

There is a ton of information out there on PTSD and this article is not about educating the reader on PTSD, it is about how through spiritual counselling, the effects of PTSD can be considerably alleviated and perhaps even removed forever. No one has to remain broken, unless they want to. Harsh reality but true…we choose what happens to us so if someone wants to stay stuck, then that is where they will stay. I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination it is an easy journey, I am just saying there are ways to deal with this and get it under control relatively quickly, at the very least, get someone feeling like they are part of society again and not like they are on the outside looking in.

What is the basic requirement of anyone coming in to see me or someone like me? They have to WANT to heal, I mean really WANT it. They can’t just say the words; they have to be truly ready to take the next step in their personal journey. Many of us feel that taking a journey means that we will get to a destination at some point in time. In spiritual healing, which by the way also heals the mind and Healthy Body, the journey IS the destination. Why??? So why does it matter if they really want it?? Because we all have the Power To Heal within us, they just need someone to show them how, to guide and assist them in facilitating this healing. One of the things I tell all that come to see me is; “You are driving the car, I am holding the map, if I ask you to turn right and you don’t turn right, then we will not be able to reach our destination”, so that means they have to WANT to go where I am taking them in order to access their personal healing strength and ability. How we get to our destination is always discussed and agreed upon. There are no unwanted surprises.

One of the other questions I am asked is about belief. Do they have to believe in what I believe…the short answer is NO, absolutely not. I was born into a Muslim family, but I have never considered myself as Muslim. My only true constant has been God, Source, Allah…it really does not matter to me what you call the Higher Power, a name is a name, what matters is that you believe in something bigger than yourself. I understand us all as coming from the same place and that we are one, a place of love and energy, and that we have come here for a purpose. I am asked what do I mean by, WE ARE ONE. Ok so long story short, we are all born from the same tree, each one of us being a branch on that tree, so there is no colour, no religion, no discrimination…what I am saying is, to hate another is like an arm hating a leg…it makes no sense. If all of our intentions came from spirit, we would not be having the issues on this planet we are having, but since most of us are ruled by Ego, welcome to our present situations.

I see this planet as earth school and we are here to learn something, and everyone’s path and purpose is different in some way. All the hardships that we endure in our lives has a reason, it’s not to punish us. but to teach us something; however, many of us hold onto the experience and don’t see the lesson to be learned in that experience. I like to think of each experience as a walnut, crack the nut, eat what’s inside and throw away the shell allowing it to be absorbed into the earth and transformed into another experience for someone else.

Now let me be clear, everything I speak about with those that come and see me is not lollipops and rainbows. My insight into their present condition is that I to come from a dysfunctional and abusive background and I have no problem sharing this because relatability is key. I may not have seen or experienced what they have however, there are some similar feelings that had to be dealt with and breakages in the spirit. Those that come to see me need to know that they can trust me, I get it and that I have their back through spirit always, that nothing they will say will shock me, and most of all they can’t do anything wrong, there is no failure within my walls, only feedback. It is of paramount importance to me that they understand this and feel it. I spend their first few visits building that rapport and safety. The goal is for them to feel like they can tell me anything and know that there is no judgement even when they have done something unkind to another, we will definitely discuss it and find out why they felt so disconnected from spirit that they would do such a thing and then, we work on healing it together.

Now, we begin to peel the onion. I know that people that come and see me edit themselves in the beginning or maybe they don’t even know about some things they are experiencing but as we deal with each layer using counselling and various other modalities at my disposal, we begin the work at healing those layers. I never expose a layer we can’t deal with in that same session, meaning I will not open a wound and then leave it to fester until the next time they come and see me…this is unheard of when working with me. Once upon a time, before embracing my own spirituality, I went for conventional counselling sessions and spent most of my time angry and I’ll say it, “pissed off” because we would open doors, walk through them and then they would leave me in the room and say, I’ll see you same time next week?? I made a vow when I started guiding others on their path that I would never ever do that, the damage caused by this is sometimes worse than the actual experience.

So now that you have a look at how I layout my healing space spiritually, let’s get back to dealing with PTSD. Each healing is customized because each person’s experience and the symptoms caused by that experience are also unique, however, the methods are the same in the end, it is just how much of the ingredients (modalities) are implement.

Now let’s discuss “Stress”, did you know that no other language has a word that translates for this…only English…interesting piece of trivia. So is an acceptable amount of stress and when is it to getting too high or unmanageable. Many of us are under the assumption that stress is o.k. because others have it. Well with that matter of thinking, it comes to mind that old saying that parents say. “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would it be ok for you to jump as well?”

Stress is becoming hugely prevalent in healthcare, which has made it acceptable. “Hold the Phone”, Stress is not ok and should definitely not be acceptable. Stress left unattended can manifest into more serious ailments and conditions so how is this somehow ok? This topic in itself can become another thesis but for now discussions about stress and the damage it can do to our spirit and then in turn to our mind and Healthy Body must of course be discussed with the client. If the client can understand the risks, they may be more apt to really want the spiritual healing that will follow.

Here is another tidbit of information, stress can have the same effect whether it is real or perceived. So if I’m just thinking something will scare me or stress me out, or something could happen to me whether it is directly or indirectly, this can have the same effect.
One thing must be acknowledged, if something is not done about it, then we become overwhelmed, and the symptoms begin to manifest. Our ability to sleep, function, have social interaction, be productive to name a few and it can get as bad as the clients that have PTSD. So is stress the event or how we perceive that it will effect us? Interesting concept, don’t you think?
So the client’s thoughts need to be shifted, they need to learn how to change they way they think. Now in the case of those that are constantly in harms way, a thought pattern, new neural pathways must be put in place to help them to deal with these events in more productive ways. I’m not even pretending to understand what they must have felt or how what they see has shattered them in some way, but it is never too late to fix it, to correct the damage done and find new ways to deal with it. They have been chosen in this life to help, to aid and the price is high, extremely, now the trick is finding a way to handle it, to lessen the strain it has on them, the only answer is spirit because that is where it starts.

How does the mind learn??? Through repetition. When a client wants to get better, we discuss cleansing and purifying their environment getting rid of the aspects of their lives that remind them and keep them down in this condition, perhaps a news fast, what they watch on TV, what they read or surf on the net or constant researching of the condition, the symptoms etc. It is important to surround themselves in what they INTEND to be, the way see their ENDGAME to look like. Basically, what we do is control fully what is going on in their environment because the subconscious absorbs and processes everything even if we are not aware of it in our critical mind.

No matter what anyone says, I am a firm believer that you must deal with the underlying problem, anything else is a Band-Aid. I have heard and read about various conventional and spiritual treatments that can heal the client without discussing the issue. I have to say, I am not feeling it…being a survivor myself of pain, suffering and emotional turmoil, I can tell you there would have been no way to help me without me discussing it. Now that is not to say, we have to dredge up every moment of what went on…of course not, but we do need to hit the highlights for sure to get a good grasp of the picture. You can’t fix what you can’t see and/or understand. Oh and by the way, band aid’s come off. It’s very important to get to the root cause, the trigger because everyone focus’ on the symptoms. Take a woman who can’t lose weight, this very rarely has anything to do with food which is why diets don’t work for the long haul. She could feel lonely; she could be a survivor of child abuse…she more times than not has some pain or void in her life she is trying to fill or avoid. It’s a survival thing, they just don’t realize it.

We also have to discuss the amount of attention this condition or the symptoms are getting. Are they thinking about it all the time?? Is constantly in the back of their mind? Have they already decided that there is no fix and they are doomed??

I spend time with my clients, discussing focusing on the positive and being grateful as well as giving credit. When a person wants to create change, they must make changes…it is pretty obvious but in order to make those changes they need to start shifting their thoughts and their energy.

The last thing that I always keep in mind is the true issues don’t come out right away, that comes with time and rapport and safety. We all edit, let’s face it, they don’t know me when they first walk in the door and PTSD clients are walking around with several symptoms so, it will take time and I’m probably a few weeks away from finding out the real meat and potatoes.

In order to do the method that I utilize to work with clients with any kind of stress, trauma or simply learn to relax and love themselves is, energy healing and holistic modalities of course; however, in addition to that, we must speak. This allows me to find out where the blockages lie in their energy, what chakra tend to need constant attention, teach them how to heal themselves and where to focus their positive energy not to mention find it in the first place.

Anyone can be healed in fact, individuals with PTSD are ingenious and courageous and survivors which is why they were chosen for their task. These tasks are not given to everyone, they had something special within them, the only problem is they somehow lost their spark or a piece of themselves along the way. The way to retrieve that is spiritually, I’m not talking religion here, we all have a spirit to show them what amazing people they really are and they are letting these symptoms run them down and control them instead of the other way around. I didn’t say it would be easy, but it is not impossible. The trick once again is, WANT IT…SEE IT..HAVE INTENTIONS ALL IN THE RIGHT PLACE…BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES AND IN SPIRIT, CLEAR THEIR ENVIRONMENT AND CLEAR THE CLUTTER IN THEIR ENERGY BODY. This is the perfect beginning for a beautiful healing, tough absolutely but beautiful and rewarding nonetheless. Oh and of course, they can never forget that SPIRIT is always there for them and will not leave them to writhe in this condition unless they choose to.