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When being rational is completely irrational

Whenever I try to lose weight I end up sabotaging myself. How can I stop doing this?
Whenever I try to lose weight I end up sabotaging myself. How can I stop doing this?

Have you ever noticed how quickly young children change their mood?  They can go from a temper tantrum to happily giggling in no time.  This is because they spend much of their first 6 years in a hypnosis-like state, where they are mostly in their emotions, their senses and their imaginations.  And it is impressive how quickly they are able to learn complex skills like walking and talking.   If they fall down, they get up and try again, and they keep observing, experimenting and practicing until they get it.  The ingeniousness of babies is a popular research topic with scientists.

When people fail at losing weight and keeping it off, they are doing the polar opposite of what babies do.  They talk in their heads, find ways to rationalize giving up, build up stress and overwhelm, look for reasons why it is not possible for them, allow the fear of failure to dominate their spirit, or get angry at themselves for falling off the wagon and then sink into complacency.  

So what would happen if you could stop using your conscious mind to rationalize negative emotion and reinforce sabotage?  What if negative emotions like fear and anger could just pass through you, and you could continue on your merry way to getting your goal?   What if you could associate good feelings with eating healthy and exercising?  What if you could learn to use your conscious mind to reinforce positive behaviours?

Hypnosis and NLP teach you how to use your mind to help you stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals.

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