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6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing Hypnosis Training

So you want to become a hypnotist. Here's the lowdown on how to avoid hypnosis training courses that only scratch the surface of what's possible. NLP Training, Hypnosis Training, Hypnotherapy Training
So you want to become a hypnotist.  Here’s the lowdown on how to avoid hypnosis training courses that only scratch the surface of what’s possible.
1. Training With A Novice Hypnotist
These days, many hypnotists become trainers because they don’t have enough hypnosis clients.  Training is a way for them to subsidize their income.  Train the trainer programs are continuing to quickly pump out many new trainers.  So hypnosis training courses are popping up everywhere. Many of these trainers are novice hypnotists themselves.   
Make sure that you choose a trainer that is a seasoned professional.  One who has extensive experience working with paying clients.  You are looking for someone with the wisdom to know what you need to learn to succeed.
2.  Having A Classroom-Only Experience
Many hypnosis training programs are limited to classroom and/or online learning.  When it is all over, these students do not have the confidence, hands-on experience and feedback necessary to start seeing real clients.  They have no idea what actually happens in a working hypnosis clinic.  It is 2-dimensional learning.  
3.  Not Getting Real Feedback
True learning begins only when the student applies their skills to a real-life situation and gets feedback on their performance.  Any training program that does not require this of students is lacking.
I once had a student who believed he took the best training in hypnosis out there.  When I asked him to go ahead and hypnotize me, he freaked out.  He had never actually hypnotized anyone in his entire life.  I had to hypnotize him to get over his fear.  Then he was able to practice his skills on real people.
4.  Choosing A Dead-End Or Misguided Training Path
There are many things you need to learn and do to truly succeed as a professional hypnotist.  Many pieces of training focus mainly on learning hypnosis inductions and scripts and then cut students loose to fend for themselves.  The result is that the training manuals gather dust.  Students go back to their regular lives, the only difference being that they got the t-shirt that says “I am a certified hypnotist.” 
Healthy Look for training that:
  • Develops you as a person AND as a hypnotist
  • Gives you the opportunity to grow through your own limitations and apply the power of hypnosis to yourself.  
  • Requires you to perform the skills being taught, and get feedback on your performance.  
  • Expects you to jump into doing client work and apply hypnotic skills to real life.
5.  Cult of Personality
Some hypnotists build up their reputation based on charisma.  The star factor.  People mistakenly believe that peacock trainers can teach them valuable skills.  That they will become as charismatic as the trainer through osmosis.  
The truth is that these types of hypnosis trainers are in love with themselves. They are in love with being in the limelight.  They can’t pay attention to the students enough to give the students what they need.  It is like going to a great concert and getting caught up in the performance.  It can be a real trip and lots of fun.  And when you leave it is simply a memory.
6.  Fringe Focus
There are many hypnosis pieces of training that primarily focus on fantasy, exploration, or the spirit world.  The general population can’t relate to these woo-woo aspects of hypnosis.  They come to see a hypnotist because they want to stop smoking, lose weight or manage stress. Healthy Look for a trainer that is experienced at helping people get real results with hypnosis.

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