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What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling at New Leaf Psychology Centre is personalized to you.The goal is to help you better understand yourself and the work world in order to make more informed decisions about education, career and life in general.

You could benefit from career counselling if you are;

  • choosing a college or university major
  • in a job or career that does not quite seem to fit
  • wanting greater satisfaction and meaning from your work
  • considering a change of careers
  • facing an unexpected change in your career path
  • planning for a fulfilling retirement

The assessment begins by attaining an understanding of your current skills (e.g. education and training), interests (e.g. nature, business, helping, science), personality (e.g. sociable, logical, creative), and values (e.g. work life balance, need for challenge). This is attained through a combination of individual sessions with the career counsellor, a review of your academic/work experience, and questionnaires completed by you.

With this information in mind you will work with the career counsellor to establish professional goals that account for the realities of your work world and personal life. You will then be supported in developing a strategy to reach those goals.