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What are Rehabilitation Psychologists?

At New Leaf Psychology Centre we see rehabilitation work as more than restoring health, we see it as an opportunity for growth.

Rehabilitation psychologists at New Leaf Psychology Centre provide services to individuals who are coping with chronic illness (e.g. chronic pain), have experienced a traumatic event (e.g. workplace injury, motor-vehicle accident, robbery), are adjusting to a new medical diagnosis or physical injury, or work in high risk settings (e.g. police officers, firefighters, military/veterans, corrections officers).

Rehabilitation psychologists address a wide range of common concerns during treatment, including;

  • Managing physical symptoms such as chronic pain
  • Adjusting to new physical limitations
  • Coping with grief and loss
  • Dealing with trauma symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, increased startle, avoidance of situations related to the trauma
  • Anxiety and sadness, including stress, fears, depression, loss of interest, hopelessness, poor sleep, appetite changes
  • Return to work planning, including modified duties
  • Stressors associated with the navigation of the legal and insurance systems

Associates with New Leaf Psychology Centre also offer therapy for family members who are adjusting and coming to terms with the injury of their loved one, or may be struggling with their own related anxieties and distress.

The services of a psychologist may be covered by an insurance provider, particularly if you sustained an accident while driving or at work. We offer free consultations for individuals who are uncertain as to whether or not they might qualify for compensation to cover treatment. You may also wish to contact a personal injury lawyer or read more about personal injury online (the following website has useful information but should not be considered an endorsement).