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Have you ever seen a stage hypnotist on tv or in person at a stage show?

Have you ever seen a stage hypnotist on tv or in person at a stage show?

Illusion is the name of the game, as we are all mesmerized by this display of complete command and obedience. “Sleep” the hypnotist commands in a bellowing authoritative voice, and inevitably, you watch in awe, eyes fixated on the subject on the stage, as each person passively obeys, without question, without any hesitation or objection. Seamlessly following through on each and every foolish task given: “…you are the road runner….beep beep beep……You are now Micheal Jackson in Thriller….running from the zombies….sing, dance, run!”

Is this really hypnosis?

We all marvel and truly wonder at what is actually real, and what is simply an illusion?

Unfortunately, to those that crave and seek to grasp the notion that the mystical magical realms of hypnosis are real; the reality is that this is simply entertainment. Yes, the subject is, in fact, in a trance state, but only because they choose to be. The stage hypnotist will always ask for volunteers. He could never choose anyone who does not want to be up on stage, hypnotized, and making a complete fool of himself. A quick metaphorical test is then conducted as they walk toward the stage, asking in essence, “Do you want to play?”

Yet even then, if the volunteer is asked to perform a task that he or she is not comfortable with, the subject will simply wake up, or choose to wait for further instructions, head down, in trance, waiting. That’s when you will notice the hypnotist tapping the subject on the shoulders to quickly wake him or her up and lead them off the stage.

You are never asleep, regardless of how deep you go into trance, hearing and remembering everything that is said and done and will never do anything you do not want to do during hypnosis. You are always in complete control of your actions, even though it may seem that you are a puppet being guided and manipulated by an omniscient commanding puppeteer, pulling at your strings from every angle from the perspective of the audience who is watching, anticipating, and waiting upon every hilarious task given.

Hypnosis is a powerful safe and effective psychotherapeutic treatment modality that has been utilized for thousands of years to achieve physical and emotional healing, but the mystical allure we are so drawn to when immersed into the magical illusions witnessed in a show is simply that,….an illusion.

What are the other 3 myths about hypnosis…?

Stay tuned as we continue to demystify the countless myths surrounding this gripping and compelling mystery……known as hypnosis!