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The Use of Psychedelic Drugs in Psychotherapy

I first heard about ayahuasca from a friend. Her clients' stories of recovering from depression, anxiety, and trauma sparked my curiosity.

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When one of my clients once asked me what I think about using psychedelic drugs to treat such common mental health issues as depression and anxiety, I was dumbfounded. This happened almost two years ago. Back then, I was not ready to answer this question. Now I am. My current opinion about the use of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapy has since been shaped by recent research findings on psychedelics, as well as my own experience with ayahuasca.

To learn about the current state of research on psychedelics, please see my posts on social media on January 5, 2020. You can find them by clicking on the social media icons at the bottom of my website.

To learn about my experience with ayahuasca, please read my blog post.

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