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The Dangers Of Over-Reliance On Scripted Hypnotic Suggestions

I got a call last week from a hypnotist asking me if I had a script on how to help her new client with his sweating problem. The client was avoiding being in social situations. He sweat so much that shaking hands was embarrassing, and his shirts were obviously soaked with sweat.

When I explained that we rarely use scripts to give suggestions to clients, the hypnotist was surprised. She felt that as a newbie hypnotist, scripts were the best way to learn how to give clients suggestions.

This ignores the reality of how we learn. A more realistic approach is “practice perfect practice”, or “start as you intend to continue”. If we begin with pre-scripted suggestions, we are training ourselves to overlook the importance of reading the client. We are missing out on building the skill of giving the client the suggestions they need in that moment.

The Hypnosis Script Is A Decoy

The script is not on a piece of paper, or in your head, it’s in the client in front of you.

Free yourself from the scripts. Throw them away. Far away.

If you want to discover what is really going on with a client, here are some tips.

  • Observe their body language and non-verbal communication.
  • Ask yourself: What is this an example of? Every client interaction is a way to see their patterns. So you can observe what they are doing to get in their own way.
  • Get into deep rapport with the client so you can sample what it’s like to be them. This can give you huge insight into what’s going on with the client.
  • Bring all of this insight together so that you can show the client the path from where they are now to where they need to go.

Hypnosis Scripts Interfere With Real Communication

If you are busy reading the script, you miss the non-verbals of the client. These cues are where the real communication is, and responding to them can be crucial in helping your client get what they came for. Non-verbal body language doesn’t lie, so this information is much more accurate than verbal communication. If you are reading the non-verbals, you will know when the client is responding well, and when you need to switch gears to help the client get results.

Hypnosis Scripts Sabotage Connection

The client knows the difference. Speaking directly to the person, and showing them you really get them (often more than they get themselves) is a completely different experience than being read a canned script. And there is nothing better than feeling that someone really understands you, and knows what you need. This in and of itself can be healing.

Don’t Settle For Less

How To Give Your Hypnosis Clients Results They Came For

An accurate read helps the client make bigger picture changes, while resolving the immediate problem they are asking for help with.

If we address only the immediate problem the client presents us with, we are not making the most of the transformational opportunity that hypnosis can offer the client.

Some people believe we need to hear the client’s story to know what suggestions to give them. Or that we need to listen to their story and give them sympathy. This is a huge mistake. Their story is the version of reality that got them in the jam they are in. If we buy into it, we are jumping in after a drowning person, and we don’t know how to swim. The solution to their problem is in their bigger picture patterns, not in the details of their story.

In the case of the embarrassing sweat problem, the sweating is just the symptom. There could be all kinds of underlying changes that the client needs to experience to truly resolve the sweating problem.

Upgrade Your Hypnotic Skills

If you are a hypnotist who is relying heavily on scripts, it’s time to free yourself and take your hypnotic skills to the next level.

You can start by applying what you learned in this article. And throw away those scripts!

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