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Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Practitioner Certificate**

Transform Yourself And Your Possibilities "The course has done so much more for me than I could ever have imagined. My confidence is higher than anytime in my life. Thank you for helping guide me though my transformation."* -- Andrew P.

Transform Yourself And Your Possibilities

“The course has done so much more for me than I could ever have imagined. My confidence is higher than anytime in my life. Thank you for helping guide me though my transformation.”*

— Andrew P.

Enhance Communication & Relationships

“I feel energized and can go forward in my life with more confidence, feeling more comfortable in social situations.”*

— Deb C.

For Personal & Professional Success

“My goal is to help coach other people to their ultimate wellness. I had the opportunity to practice the techniques using my own goals and challenges and feel very confident in my abilities to transform others in the future.”*

— J.B.

Learn skills to enhance communication, relationships and self-mastery for personal and professional success.

Benefits anyone working with people including Managers, Sales, Law Enforcement, Counsellors, Health Care.

With The NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training You Will Learn:

Communication Skills

  • Learn to communicate with people in a powerful way by using verbal and non-verbal language.
  • Build rapport & create instant connection with people
  • Create powerful metaphors
  • Hone your non-verbal communication
  • Creatively utilize whatever is happening around you to influence the situation
  • Learn the secrets of master communicators

Sensory Acuity

  • Expand sensory awareness
  • Read Healthy Body language
  • Eye accessing cues

How To Understand Yourself & Others

Learn how people represent internal reality, and how to use this to help maximize resourcefulness, communicate effectively and reach goals:

  • Sensory based representation
  • Spatial representation
  • Past/Present/Future representations
  • Read people
  • Recognize behaviour patterns in yourself and others, and learn how to change them

Behavioural Strategies

  • Discover how people make decisions
  • Motivation strategies
  • Love & relationship strategies
  • Modeling For Success

Work Profiles

Learn to develop the state of mind and behaviour to maximize effectiveness in different work situations:

  • Management
  • Team
  • Individual

Accessing Resourceful States

  • Learn how to use anchors to increase resourcefulness in yourself and others
  • Be your best self, even in tough situations
  • Eliminate bad moods
  • Break out of unwanted emotional states and choose positive emotional states
  • Remove the emotional charge from unpleasant memories
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Learn the secrets of how to get in the “zone”, a state used by professional athletes and top performers in all fields
  • Get over fears
  • Let go of bad relationships and heal your heart

Building Agreement

  • Ways to resolve and defuse conflict
  • Negotiation skills
  • Dovetailing outcomes for win-win
  • Reframing
  • Uncovering & addressing hidden agendas
  • Values Alignment

Achieving Goals

  • Learn how to define a goal effectively and reverse engineer the actions & attitudes needed to reach the goal
  • Speed learning

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Upcoming Courses:

Training Dates (Select 1):

Friday June 4 – Monday June 7 2021, 9 AM – 5 PM

Friday November 19 – Monday November 22 2021, 9 AM – 5 PM

Training During COVID-19

Tuition: Early Bird Rate $777 By October 31 for the November class & May 15 for the June class (save $200 by registering now).

Space is limited to maximize student learning – so register early!

Admission Requirements: Prior to admission, students are required to complete an application and attend an interview in-person or by phone. To register, please call 905-634-4777 or 800-971-5774.

**NLP certification is not granted until all assigned projects are completed. This includes execution of techniques by the student.

Hypnosis Training Canada, Robbie Spier Miller and the Master Hypnotist Society reserve the right to refuse any student based upon scheduling and availability of Robbie Spier Miller as trainer.

Hypnosis Training Canada is certified as an educational institution by Employment and Social Development Canada. Your training course may be eligible for a tuition tax credit and/or educational tax credit under the Income Tax Act.