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Category: Healthy Living

Mar 16
The s-word

I admit it. I'm not getting enough. I'm talking about sleep, and apparently I'm not…

Mar 12
Pilates primer

One of the hottest buzzwords in fitness circles for the past few years has been…

Mar 03
No more nighttime noshing!

How do you curb nighttime noshing and prevent slow, steady weight gain? Here are some…

Mar 02
Not-so-super superfoods

Why I hate broccoli

Feb 24
Feeding frenzy

Balancing nutrition for an entire family of mom, dad, kids, toddlers and babies isn't…

Feb 23
Money, money, money

If money makes the world go 'round, why are we all so bad with it?

Feb 16
Would you just relax!

Why those are the four most irritating words anyone can say

Feb 09

Everyone needs to learn CPR, and that includes me

Feb 02
Winter, winter

We might be Canadian, but that doesn't make winter any less cold