How To Get & Use Client Feedback For Your Business

By: Tree Ryde, Jun 04, 2015
How To Get & Use Client Feedback For Your Business, Tree Ryde

Let your customers help you...

As a health pro in today’s society, especially in the environment of social media and sharing, you have to be on top of things. What I mean by this is having your feelers out to what people are sharing on their social media platforms about your business: the good, the bad and the ugly. You want people sharing the fabulous!! The fabulous about you, your business and the great service clients receive when they choose to share their health journey with you.

What kind of feedback are you looking for? The feedback that says “I love going there and you should too”. The article that you wrote last month and posted on social media that got shared and commented on saying “great article, very helpful”. How do you keep that feedback coming? By not only providing great service face to face in the first place but continuing that great service online. Post articles. Tweet great ideas. Blog about topics that are helpful to your clients. Keep the great customer service going!

How to get there you ask? It is easy with these 3 steps:

Talk to Your Clients Like You Would to Friends

Of course you want to stay professional and you are not going to invite them to your buddies stag, or your kids’ wedding but we all like to feel someone is interested in us. Ask them about their life or give a shout out if you see a great post or event online from them. Are they active with social media? Did you just discover a new app that you think might benefit your client? Let them know! Show them you’ve been paying attention to what might help them on their health journey. You just created rapport and a positive that they can take with them. Yes they are there for treatment/service but in this day and age, taking that extra step is a great value add that a lot of people don’t expect any more!

I was getting a pedicure once and while I was there I was having issues with my phone. The girl doing my pedicure for me had the same phone and told me how to fix the issue. I book her for all my pedicures now. She could have kept her head down and said nothing but instead reached out and offered a simple solution so that now I also suggest this place for all of my friends to go. And when I go we talk about new apps that are available for the phone.

Start Writing!

Do you want people to really feel heard? Interested in showing them how much you care about their problems? Give your clients the chance to drop questions in to a box at your front desk. Why? Because now you are going to take what you do all day and turn it in to online content. Not a writer? No problem. This isn’t going to be a thesis on the Renaissance era and the implication of Da Vinci’s findings in health and medicine. We’re talking about what you already know but maybe didn’t realize your clients wanted you to share!

See What Your Clients Are Saying On Line and RESPOND

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram: that’s a lot of platforms where you can see what people are saying and believe me, it’s highly likely they’re chatting about you. This in itself is a great thing. You want the chatting. But what if someone didn’t have a great experience at your facility? It can happen. Everybody has an off day. One of the worst things you can do is not respond to negative chatter. Why? Because someone has taken the time to post this comment and obviously wants to be heard. If you don’t even take the time to say, “Hey, I’m sorry to hear that. Can we talk?” then you’ve just lost the opportunity to turn this negative experience in to a potentially long-time customer. Can you afford to lose that revenue? It’s much better to turn a negative experience in to a positive one and let that take root rather than letting the negative strangle out the positive like a weed.

This is the feel and train of thought you want. People cannot always trust what they find on line, but they trust their friends and their friend’s experience. Plant the positive seed and it will grow into a huge positive Tree, rooting all throughout the internet.

I’d love to hear about how you turned a negative in to a positive! Share your story below!

Happy Planting!


After 12 years of being in the rat race of the fashion industry Tree Ryde was looking for something to calm her mind body and soul and she found it in yoga finishing her 200H at Kula Yoga in 2007. She was addicted and wanted to deepen her practice of meditation and study the sub-conscious mind. She became a hypnotist in 2014 and works part time at the Burlington Hypnosis centre. Helping clients with anything from weight loss, quit smoking to nail biting. Tree also loves exercise and cook whenever she can, and is always coming across new recipes that are both delicious and nutritious