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We are dedicated to maximizing the health of as many individuals as possible through natural health care, lectures and workshops.

Core Insight has the team, the tools and the process to make us your wellness choice!

The Integrative Health Care SolutionTM

The Vision

The Integrative Health Care Solution is an evolutionary health care process for highly motivated individuals. We help people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives by applying holistic healing principles and focused results-oriented coaching methods. Our clients experience life-long improvements in their sense of well-being and learn to cultivate a lifestyle that is congruent with and supportive of their new-found awareness and empowerment.

How it works

Our seven-step process gets people well and keeps them well. To experience optimal health, an individual must bring all bodily systems into harmony:

  1. We start by stabilizing and optimizing the body's basic physiological functions.
  2. We teach how to live in harmony with the environment so that the body is not injured by emotional stresses and chemical toxins.
  3. We train the mind, which is the driver of the body, to think and behave in ways that are congruent with and constructive in maintaining physical health.
  4. We support ongoing health improvement by facilitating appropriate lifestyle habits.

Our process makes us unique.  It is a new approach to body re-education.

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