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For over 40 years we’ve been helping people lead happier, healthier lives by dealing with some of life’s challenges.

We help people be their best selves and couples build stronger and happier relationships. Counselling is a safe place to address life's challenges.

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About us:

Experience the Benefits of Professional Counselling

We work with people who come for counselling for a variety of reasons.

  • They frequently report symptoms of depression like low energy, difficulties sleeping, unhappiness, and a lot of negative beliefs about themselves.
  • Relationships are often in turmoil and career paths are uncertain.
  • Others just feel that something is missing in their life and want to find more focus or purpose in their life.

Our approach to counselling is grounded in the faith that people are intrinsically worthy, are able to make sound decisions, have successful relationships, and create the life they want.

We believe that people, often through a series of life events, have lost faith in themselves which tends to lead to unhappiness and conflict. We focus on peoples' strengths, as people often loose sight of their gifts.

We integrate a variety of treatment methods into therapy including cognitive behavior, humanistic, family of origin, and systems therapy. We encourage people to examine their own behavior and changes they can make to develop more loving and fulfilling relationships.

We believe we need to grieve and mourn our losses, and eventually the darkness will be lifted, and we can again see the blessings in our life. Crisis can be viewed as learning opportunities for growth, and can lead to a happier more fulfilling life.

We have a history of helping people through difficult life experiences and creating better lives for themselves.


About Nancy Hurst, Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy Hurst is a Registered Psychologist with over 18 years of counselling experience. She has extensive experience working with adults suffering from depression and childhood physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse. Her couples therapy focuses on communication, issues underlying conflicts, and promoting growth in marriage.

In her career, Nancy has also conducted numerous workshops on relationships, creating balance in life, re-energizing yourself, and putting direction in your life. 

Nancy is a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychology Association of Alberta.

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A variety of hours are offered.

The fee is $170.00. Most employee benefit plans have some coverage for a psychologist.

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