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Counseling helps you to feel better quickly. You can re-define your situation with the help of a person who is "outside the box" and can see objectively into your life. Counseling can open up new ways of looking at problems you feel stuck with, and it can provide some excellent strategies for changing things to a better place.

Counseling does not need to be expensive or long term to bring about great benefits. A registered social worker is often covered under Employee Assistance Programs or through third party insurance. It's worth it to be able to feel relief and happy again.

Counseling can't always change what is difficult in your life... but it can help how you feel about it and how you carry your burdens. You can carry them more lightly when they are shared. Both men and women can benefit enormously through talking with a trusted counselor who shares what they are feeling.

Children’s Therapy
Children need a therapist who speaks their language and frees them from their fears and anxieties. When they regain their courage, they can act in new and different ways in their lives which makes it possible for them to learn at school, make friends, and fosters better relationships and a calmer way of life for them.

Family Therapy
There are times when a whole family needs help. Mom and Dad are confused and the children are worried about a problem that arises in the family. Sometimes it’s a child having difficulty, sometimes it’s an adult. Whatever it is, it is often helpful to talk about it as a family and work it out together with the help of a skilled professional.

Relationship Therapy
Conflict is an inevitable and inescapable part of a couple or family’s life. Health is not the absence of conflict… it is how the conflict gets resolved in a flexible and satisfactory way. Skills can be learned in order to transition through difficult times without losing intimacy or getting stuck in an angry resentful place. Counseling teaches those skills and helps a couple regain their closeness, trust, satisfaction and happiness.

Woman’s Health & Depression
Women carry many of the emotional burdens for their marriages and their families. It often feels lonely and a little bit frightening at times. Sharing their worst fears and their sad feelings opens up avenues of relief. The combination of talk therapy with antidepressant therapy is a powerful cure for depression or the “blues”.

Mediation and Collaborative Law
Barbara Anderson and Milka Vujnovic help separating couples reach mutually beneficial separation agreements including comprehensive parenting plans, financial and property division and if required, post-divorce support. We help couples from Hamilton to Mississauga negotiate separation agreements that are both cost-effective and in the best interest of you and your children.

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