Dr Micheline Savard, Psychologist

I am a registered psychologist with 17 years of experience, 7 years as a licensed clinical psychologist and 10 years prior as a psychotherapist. I work with adults, couples, adolescents and families. I am privileged to have worked with people on issues that include anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, infidelity, LGBT, sexual problems, difficulty managing stress, loneliness, dissatisfaction with relationship at work or at home, family relationship conflicts, couple relationship difficulties, addiction, work-related problems, coping with chronic illness and injuries, abuse, lifestyle changes, and difficult life transitions such as loss of a loved one, divorce, or career changes.

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My approach is unique and integrative, using Gestalt, Emotion-Focused, Adlerian, EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral therapies so I can draw from these therapeutic modalities as needed to work with emotional, behavioral, cognitive and relational issues in order to better help people with their specific concerns and needs.

I provide a confidential environment where you can talk openly about your feelings and concerns. Together we work to understand the issues, chart a path to resolve them and empower you. The therapeutic relationship is sacred, each individual is treated with respect and appreciated for their own uniqueness.

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